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NMiTE – the UK’s first new uni for 30 years

Today sees the opening of NMiTE (New Model in Technology and Engineering), the UK’s first completely new university in more than 30 years. It’s mission: to transform engineering in this country.

MathWorks, is a leading technical computing software firm that develops MATLAB and Simulink, software used by engineers and scientists across the country. The firm is ecstatic at the opening of such an institution, as the importance of skilled engineers in the UK has never been higher, but argues that project based learning must be incorporated into the teaching to guarantee successful graduates.

Coorous Mohtadi, Senior Academic Technical Specialist at MathWorks said:

“The university promises a “radical approach” to teaching engineering and promised the abolishment of lectures. MathWorks existing work with schools and universities has proven that a more hands-on approach to education, specifically project-based learning, is far more successful in cultivating the skills required for a fruitful career in engineering. In fact, MathWorks research that found 87% of teachers of science, maths and technology subjects agree that STEM should be taught with more practical examples to bring the subject to life for students.”

“Project-based learning is an effective teaching method because students can see, hear and touch what would otherwise be completely abstract. The role of engineering is truly brought to life. By extending the approach to incorporate industry-standard software such as MATLAB and Simulink, instructors not only keep students motivated but also prepare them for a wide range of careers.”

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