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Variability in A level results for schools, 2016 to 2018

A level results in England have been relatively stable in recent years, with only very small changes in the overall percentages of students achieving A* or A grades. However, we know that individual schools and colleges may see variation in the proportion of students achieving particular grades from one year to the next.

This can be due to many different factors, including differences in the mix of the students entered for particular A levels, different teaching approaches, changes in teaching staff or teaching time, and changes to qualifications.

Key points

  1. In general, the level of variation in individual school and college results at A* and A is similar to previous years.
  2. Differences between the average (mean) percentage of students achieving grades A* or A in 2017/2018 and in 2016/2017 were generally small, indicating that year-on-year results in the subjects analysed have remained relatively stable.
  3. Even when there are no changes to qualifications, individual schools and colleges will see variation in their year-on-year results: this is normal.

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