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Revolutionizing the $400B corporate learning to accelerate the development and adoption of AI-powered capability development solutions 

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After making three acquisitions and tripling in revenue since its 2021 funding round, Lepaya now strengthens its position as the largest corporate EdTech provider in EMEA by raising $38M, the biggest round raised in this space in all of 2023. 

With the newly acquired capital, Lepaya will double down on the development and go-to-market of the AI-driven capability development platform poised to redefine the way global organizations such as ING, Dell, Maersk, KPMG Freudenberg, and the rest of its 2000 clients identify, close, and track skills gaps. The investment round was led by Endeit and joined by Educapital, Mars Growth Capital, and Liquidity Capital, as well as the existing investors Target Global and Mediahuis Ventures.

Edwin Hengstmengel, -Endeit Capital-: “It’s impressive how Lepaya managed to engrain its platform as a core part of its client’s upskilling DNA, and we are very excited to be part of the continued journey.”

Revolutionizing skill readiness with AI 

Lepaya combines artificial and human intelligence to ensure that employees acquire the skills needed to remain effective and productive, in the flow of their daily work. With this new investment round Lepaya is making additional investments in AI tools such as AI-coach which will adjust the learning content to an individual learner’s context and career level. Further investments will be made to advance the skills data analysis so that the organizations and their leaders reach deeper skills intelligence on organizational and industry levels. 

Deep integrations in enterprise HCM solutions allow organizations to effectively roll out the capability development platform to employees at the career moments where upskilling is crucial to having a direct impact on business performance and outcomes. This way Lepaya’s AI SkillsOps features will ensure that all global L&D operations are taken care of.

Jonathan Denais, – Educapital – “In the tight labor market corporates struggle with workforce planning. What we love about Lepaya’s platform is that it does not only identify skill gaps but provides a scalable way for the enterprise to upskill people – and to keep promoting their internal talent.”

Making navigating change effortless

As unemployment rates are still near an all-timelow, developing internal talent instead of hiring externally, is critical for organizations looking to remain competitive. According to Deloitte research, evolving technologies and new economic realities keep changing jobs at an increasingly fast pace, organizations are moving from jobs as the cornerstone of their workforce, to skills, but are still looking for support on the journey.

What is more, advances in technology and the way people work require organizations to rethink the way they ensure future readiness. Lepaya’s investment to further advance its capability development platform is a direct answer to the increasing need for insights into current workforce skills as well as identifying gaps towards needed skills. 

René Janssen, -Lepaya – “The rapid developments in AI allow us to provide organizations and the world with what we always had envisioned, and individual employees with what they deserve: a deeply personal insight in skill gaps, and a truly contextualized way to bridge them; by combining the best artificial and human intelligence, and taking care of all the complex operations surrounding global upskilling programs”

Lepaya’s $38 million investment marks a pivotal moment in corporate upskilling. By bridging the gap between emerging skill needs and organizational readiness, Lepaya pioneers a future where businesses thrive in the face of change.

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