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Rison Software Joins Forces with MPAC’s Group of Companies

Rison Software has today announced they will partner with MPAC’s Group of Companies to help businesses improve and streamline their compliance requirements. 

The deal will see MPAC supply compliance material in the UK for Rison Software’s Virtl.X platform, which currently has over 250,000 registered users worldwide.

Virtl.X is a dynamic, real-time, cloud-based tool offering improvements to employee performance-management as well as incorporating online training offering online courses that are ideal for soft skills training, such as leadership and management or presentation skills. 

Virtl.X software uses a range of criterion to monitor a company’s efficiency, reputation and staff performance amongst other indicators to help businesses increase their effectiveness and profitability. 

By signing up to the platform businesses will be able to purchase and deliver training for necessary staff members, in one piece of software, as well as increase efficiency by holding all necessary compliance documentation

MPAC’s Group of Companies, based in London, provides a single source solution for corporate compliance and regulatory consultancy. 

Richard Chalk, managing director of Rison Software said:

“Online platforms have become ever more important to businesses and the associated legal requirements, such as the GDPR laws that come with them, are increasingly crucial. Businesses that are not sufficiently covered face potentially devastating consequences.

“By partnering with MPAC, Virtl.X will help companies from all industries navigate and maintain the complicated area of compliance.”

“Having such an esteemed partner supplying us with quality products strengthens what we can offer to our existing client base and help us access new markets and bring us to a new audience.”

Nick Andrews, managing director of MPAC’s Group of Companies said:

“We’re delighted to welcome Rison Software to our stable of partners. 

“We know exactly how important yet difficult managing corporate compliance can be. Virtl.X’s software perfectly complements our offering and by teaming up together will help us deliver an even more valuable service to our clients .”

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