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Rodocodo teams up with TrilbyTV

Rodocodo teams up with TrilbyTV to bring ‘Learn to Code’ posters to schools digital signage

Digital signage software company TrilbyTV has announced an exciting new partnership with Rodocodo! The new partnership will bring ‘Learn to Code’ posters from the revolutionary app that helps teach primary school children how to code. Schools can now access ‘Learn to Code’ posters via TrilbyTV, which shows 9 real-life examples that pupils will recognise. 

Empowering children for the jobs of tomorrow

The creator of Rodocodo, Chi Dire, designed it when he was trying to teach his own children to code. Along the way, he realised that although coding is now on the curriculum, many teachers don’t feel confident teaching it. Mainly because they haven’t had training, he had this to say on the partnership,

“I created Rodocodo because I wanted to teach my own two children how to code. Teaching them to code was actually a stealthy way of teaching them problem-solving skills and fostering a growth mindset. I really struggled to find existing software that did this in a fun and exciting way that didn’t need a lot of input from me. Crucially, I learnt there weren’t any programmes that made it easy for teachers. It’s my passion to change this and make it accessible to everyone through school. I want every child to be able to understand the digital world we now live in and to be prepared for the jobs of tomorrow. I’m delighted to be able to further this goal by working with TrilbyTV.”

TrilbyTV Director, Ben Stanley added,

“Learning to code early and getting a grasp of computational thinking are both valuable skills to have, not just for computing, but also for life. Whatever you end up doing in your career, having some basic understanding of how things work can be a real benefit. That’s why we were keen to partner with someone like Chi and the team at Rodocodo to help get young people interested in learning to code and building those key skills as early as possible.”

‘Rodocodo Learn to Code’ posters are a fantastic way to get students to think like coders. It teaches children the science of solving problems (Computational Thinking) without them realising. It develops their skills and confidence to solve problems on their own. This means they ask for help less often when stuck.

The combination of Rodocodo’s content and TrilbyTV’s simple, easy to use software solution create the perfect match to engage audiences.


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