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SERC staff collaborate with Institute of Technology in Bangkok

SERC staff members Paula Philpott and Aurla McLaughlin visited Thailand recently, where they delivered active learning and best teaching practice with staff from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) in Bangkok. Paula and Aurla provided intriguing content to the institute which was established in 1960.

It consists of seven faculties, including engineering, architecture, agricultural technology, science, industrial education, agricultural industry, and information technology.

There were a variety of workshops with a high number of participants on active learning strategies and technology enhanced learning, with each of the workshops in the series lasting up to two and a half hours. This enabled staff to participate in a range of areas to get a snapshot of what they could offer through what Paula and Aurla had been delivering.

The sessions were interactive and combined a range of multimedia with hands-on activities. Opportunities to apply the evidence based approaches and tools in an engineering context arose after interesting collaborative discussion. The collaboration between SERC and KMITL has provided a fantastic set of developmental outcomes for both parties.

SERC benefited through the development of professional dialogue with staff from KMITL to enhance the learner experience, along with the development of skills in delivering training within an international context, with a special focus on the cultural differences. KMITL gained a strengthen partnership with SERC which helped to identify potential areas for further training.

They learned how they can develop the skills of staff in the use of technology enhanced learning and active learning strategies. SERC provides a range of full and part-time courses designed to give students’ the edge’.

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