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SERC Students Save Bird from Storm Brendan

SERC Downpatrick Campus students Chloe McCabe (Downpatrick), Dylan Scott (Greenisland), Melissa Leavy (Downpatrick), Michael McGrillen (Downpatrick), Nathan Ritchie (Castlewellan) and Emma Kerr (Ballee) put their animal care knowledge to the test recently when an injured bird was found in Downpatrick Campus carpark.

The bird, a Guillemot, was spotted by SERC Staff and was noted as being confused and aggressive. The bird had been disoriented by Storm Brendan and began lashing out at any person in the car park. Diane McKay, SERC, Animal Care Lecturer, sent her Animal Care students down to help the bird. The students had ironically been studying animal first aid that day and had the opportunity to put their knowledge to the test.

The students went to the carpark and tried to capture the bird, which retreated under a car. Diane said,

“The students used their initiative to rescue the Guillemot. Dylan Scott found a pole and, with his coat wrapped on the end of it to make sure the bird was not injured, helped pry the bird out from under the car. The other students waited patiently at all sides of the car to make sure it didn’t get away. The bird was then wrapped up in a coat and driven to the USPCA were it received injury treatment and was released.”

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Diane added,

“I am so proud of how the students worked as a team to save a bird. They will certainly all remember Storm Brendan and how they put their skills and knowledge into action to save a seabird which had clearly been blown off course.”  

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