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Skillsoft partners with Udemy to help learners acquire and develop skills

 Skillsoft’s Percipio Learning Platform Serves as Single Focal Point for Enterprise Learning 

Skillsoft, a global leader in corporate digital learning, today announced it has entered into a content partnership with Udemy Business, a leading destination for learning and teaching online. Through this content partnership, Skillsoft will integrate Udemy Business’ content into Skillsoft’s Percipio next-generation platform, streamlining the learning experience across the enterprise and enabling learners to more effectively acquire new skills and develop existing ones. 

According to Skillsoft’s Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report, 76 percent of IT decision-makers are facing skills gaps in their departments and 38 percent report being unable to fill three or more positions. Furthermore, IDC predicts that digital transformation-related IT skill shortages will affect 90 percent of organisations by 2025, and skills gaps will cost more than $6.5 trillion globally through 20251. Thus, it is more important than ever to build a talent pool from within, equipping an organisation’s existing workforce with the technical and digital skills needed to succeed in the future economy. 

Skillsoft’s Technology & Developer solutions deliver true skills mastery via engaging learning experiences that range from micro-learning to complete role-based journeys and professional certifications, further enhanced by the Company’s June 2021 acquisition of Global Knowledge. Now, customers can integrate and curate additional technical content from other leading learning providers, including Udemy Business, to further enable a skills-based curriculum, while utilising Skillsoft Percipio as a singular focal point for enterprise learning to deliver interactivity and drive greater engagement and learning retention.

The addition of Udemy Business content will augment existing Skillsoft Aspire Journeys, which provide both role-based and skill-based learning paths aligned to the most in-demand technologies and certifications today. Allowing organisations to blend their custom content and instructor-led training with Udemy Business, Skillsoft, and other providers’ content will deliver increased value for organisations seeking to reskill and upskill talent to overcome critical gaps. 

“This content partnership enables us to continue on our mission to bring learning into the flow of work. Customers can now access Udemy Business courses on advanced and emerging technologies and their own custom content in one cohesive place,” said Greg Brown, President, Udemy Business. “Udemy Business and Skillsoft are equipped to prepare today’s workforce for tomorrow’s challenges by helping technology teams deliver the continuous innovation and sophistication required to drive sustainable business growth in today’s economy.”

“To meaningfully reskill employees, organisations must provide adequate training and resources to drive proficiency, which is required to solve the skills gap equation,” said Cushing Anderson, Program Vice President, IT Education and Certification, IDC. “Technologists are hands-on learners, and for training to truly resonate, they require a combination of traditional and action-oriented learning activities, including practice labs and sandbox environments, where they can put newfound skills to the test.”

“We are excited to add Udemy Business to a growing and impressive roster of content partnerships,” said Apratim Purakayastha, Chief Technology Officer, Skillsoft. “By providing organisations with the ability to shape custom Aspire Journeys—leveraging all of the learning content they license or create internally—we are better able to equip individuals with mastery of very specific technical skills in addition to attaining more in-depth competencies to help organisations close critical skills gaps.” 

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