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SmartBuy: A new initiative from not-for-profit London Grid for Learning that aims to save schools millions through aggregated purchasing

The London Grid for Learning (LGfL) is excited to announce the launch of SmartBuy, a new initiative which promises to collectively save schools millions of pounds on their technology purchases. By virtue of its scale, LGfL can secure fantastic savings and breakthrough commercial agreements for its 3000-member schools, MATs and local authorities. As a not-for-profit organisation, the Trust is committed to ensuring it uses this buying power for the benefit of its community and reinvesting those surpluses back into schools.

To date, LGfL has already saved its schools in excess of £300m through the central purchasing of tools such as Sophos Intercept X anti-ransomware software, provided free of cost to its schools. A recent network upgrade has saved schools £13.5m whilst a further landmark scheme, the Free School Meals Eligibility Checker, has enabled schools to claim over £7.5m in Pupil Premium funding from the Department for Education – additional revenue schools are entitled to claim for every pupil on free school meals.

Over the course of 2018 LGfL will look to create a SmartBuy ‘Centre of Excellence’ for procurement to help schools and other customers save money and deliver improved outcomes. LGfL will also work with its partners to deliver support for schools, providing both the technology and tools to deliver change in the classroom.

John Jackson, Chief Executive Officer at the London Grid for Learning commented, “Procurement and deal making is an area where LGfL comes into its own by virtue of its scale and ability to offer suppliers a very low cost of sale for schools. SmartBuy will enable LGfL to use its aggregated purchasing power more efficiently for the benefit of our entire community. At a time when schools are under extreme pressure to cut budgets we are determined as a not-for-profit to help schools make savings whilst continuing to drive innovation and embrace exciting new technologies to accelerate teaching and learning. Our suppliers share this excitement because it enables them to reach further and faster with their products than attempting to do this directly with individual schools”

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