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Strategic Management Puts Denise on Course for “Whole New Level”

Denise Malone

Completing an intensive Level 7 CMI in Strategic Management gave Denise Malone (40) from Castlewellan the skills, knowledge, and confidence to help bring her organisation to a whole new level.  

Denise came to SERC to enhance her knowledge and skills as a strategic manager following a recent promotion to Senior Youth Worker/Project Manager for YMCA Ireland. Her new role involves managing, planning, development and delivery of youth work programmes for the well-known YMCA Centre in Newcastle, County Down.

Speaking about her course and how it helped her, Denise said,

“Since completing the CMI Level 7 in Strategic Management I have gained transferable skills, knowledge and confidence to develop the organisation and help bring it to a whole new level. I embarked on the studies during the first lockdown and can honestly say that it supported me not only to be a better leader, but to recognise my ability as a strategic manager of an organisation.

“The course is well organised and consists of four intensive sessions – two full days and two afternoon/evenings – which minimised my time away from a busy job.   Assessment is by practical work-based assignments and a business improvement project, so you are focussing on your organisation whilst you work towards the qualification.

Denise added, “Previously, I did not have the confidence to complete funding applications to the tune of £10,000, and recently have made a bid for £260,000 and have a conditional offer! In my view, this is simply the beginning of the journey for my organisation. I wouldn’t have had the confidence make such a funding bid before the course.

“I have learnt that to provide the best service, as an organisation, we need to ensure we keep the finger on the pulse in communities and learn to work smarter not harder.  Why have one professional leader with support workers, when you can have one professional strategic manager training a team of professional support leaders who in turn support their leaders creating a ripple effect, maximizing skills and resources for quality outputs and outcomes.   It is win-win for everyone, most importantly our services users and clients who will benefit.

Denise concluded, “I would definitely recommend SERC for students of any age. You put in 100% and get 200% back. It supports personal and professional learning and growth as well as self-regulation and independent study. The professional team of lectures will give you the guidance and tools you need to carve your own destiny as well as opening your mind to your unique potential and to areas of academia you may have not considered previous. My background is Humanities, Arts and Youth Work but coming to SERC has ignited my passion for business and strategy.”

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