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Collation and analysis of economic research addressed improving policy and practice in education

CfEE’s new Monthly Research Digest – a collation and analysis of economic research addressed improving policy and practice in education

CfEE is an independent think tank working to improve policy and practice in education through impartial economic research.

Since the Spring of 2014, CfEE has been producing an (almost) Monthly Research Digest, intended to give interested parties a direct view into the policies and practices that rigorous economic research suggests work, and do not work, in education – monitoring and disseminating global research, and highlighting for wider attention papers of particular importance.

This month, with support from Cambridge Assessment, the Centre launches a new and improved version of the Digest to add value for our existing subscribers and broaden the publication’s purview and reach.

Following the success of CfEE’s 2018 Annual Research Digest, focusing for the first time on the developing world, Lee Crawfurd, CfEE Fellow and Strategic Advisor at the Rwanda Ministry of Education and the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, takes on the role of Deputy Editor, with a view to beefing up the section on research from low and middle-income economies.

Lee joins Gabriel Heller-Sahlgren, CfEE’s Lead Economist and Editor of the publication.This means that, in addition to abstracts and links to working and published versions of research papers, there will now be two editorial commentaries: one covering research from the developed world and one covering research from low- and middle-income countries.

The commentaries will combine critical analysis of ground-breaking, policy-relevant research, with insights and perspectives on the existing evidence base. Finally, particularly for the benefit of those unfamiliar with the field, a new middle section will discuss and explain a key theme in the literature. To conclude, we offer our recommendations for further reading.

Subscription to the Digest is free of charge, as part of CfEE’s public benefit offering, which is supported via donation.

If you are not already subscribed you can sign up here to get email notifications of the release of the digests, with links to download included. And if you value the publication, do forward this email to others and consider supporting us through a voluntary donation. The first issue of the new look Digest is out at the end of this month. 

Don’t miss out on its unique and insightful perspective on the education reform debate.You can review back issues of the monthly here. ‘Why education economics?’ – why we think economics is so important for education.

CfEE ANNUAL RESEARCH DIGEST edited by Lee Crawfurd


Leading thinkers on global education highlight the scale and intractability of the global learning crisis and where reform initiatives have brought benefits. 

Download a pdf of CfEE’s Annual Research Digest 2017-18.

Read further details of the contents, commentators and papers.

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