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Sue Thexton on Leading OneFile and Harnessing Technology for the Future 

Sue Thexton, former MD of OneFile and now Group Leader to four companies within the Harris Computer UK portfolio, shares her insights and experiences during the OneFile user conference. This new role allows her to manage diverse companies while maintaining a strong involvement with OneFile. Harris’s investment enables the company to explore new technologies and support customers more effectively. Since taking over from Susanna Lawson two and a half years ago, Sue has been pivotal in expanding OneFile’s reach to drive innovation and growth. 

The Importance of Partnerships 

Sue emphasises the critical role of partnerships in expanding reach and engagement. Collaborations with organisations like the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance, World Skills UK, and the Association of Apprenticeships bring mutual benefits and valuable industry insights. These partnerships are integral to OneFile’s strategy and help foster a collaborative ecosystem. 

Navigating Challenges in Learner Completion 

Learner completions remain a challenge in the industry, with various factors affecting outcomes. Sue notes that a lack of engagement is a significant reason for non-completion. OneFile leverages its extensive data to identify patterns and predict when learners might disengage. This predictive model helps training providers intervene early, improving completion rates and retaining funding. 

Exploring AI and Data Models 

Sue believes the potential of AI and data models in education is still in its infancy. While engagement and retention are immediate applications, she sees endless possibilities for AI-driven innovation in the sector. The global landscape of AI offers diverse opportunities for education-specific applications, making it an exciting area for future development. 

OneFile User Conference 

The recent conference in Birmingham was a resounding success, doubling in capacity from the previous year and receiving excellent feedback from attendees. Sue was particularly pleased with the high level of engagement and the valuable contributions from exhibitors. The agenda, featuring OneFile-specific advancements alongside broader industry trends, not only provided valuable insights but also sparked innovative ideas among participants, ensuring a promising path forward for OneFile and its community. 

Check out the video below with Sue Thexton on leading OneFile and Harnessing technology for the future:

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