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A no deal Brexit threatens to exacerbate the exploitation of and poor employment conditions experienced by many supply teachers, the NASUWT-The Teachers’ Union, has warned.

To date, the Government has failed to guarantee it will ensure post Brexit that agency workers such as supply teachers will have access to equivalent workplace and employment rights secured by the EU which offer vital protections for workers.

The NASUWT has been highlighting this and other issues affecting supply teachers’ rights in the workplace at its Supply Teacher Consultation Seminar in Warwick on Saturday(7 Sept).

Ms Chris Keates, General Secretary (Acting) of the NASUWT, said:

“Supply teaching is a tough job, made even harder by the exploitation and poor employment practices supply teachers often face, especially from exploitative agencies which often put their own financial gain ahead of the best interests of both teachers and pupils.

“The NASUWT is concerned that the lack of clarity from Government over workers’ rights secured under the EU post Brexit could exacerbate the exploitation being routinely experienced by many supply teachers.

“The Agency Workers Regulations as well as the UK’s laws on discrimination on the grounds of age, religion and sexual orientation, provisions on working time, maternity rights and annual leave all stem from EU directives.

“It is vital post Brexit to protect all of these EU derived statutory provisions which are so important to working people’s lives.

“In addition, there is also the ongoing uncertainty over the impact which Brexit may have on teacher supply from the EU, at a time when the UK is experiencing a crisis in teacher recruitment and retention.

“Whatever anyone’s individual views on Brexit, no worker voted to have their rights stripped away from them as a result of Brexit.

“This is why the NASUWT will continue to use all avenues open to us to argue for a jobs first, rights first Brexit.”

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