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Surespan gears up for National Apprenticeship Week

Surespan gears up for National Apprenticeship Week

Surespan, a leader in the design and manufacture of safe access and escape solutions, is thrilled to announce its participation in the 17th annual National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) from Monday, 5 to Sunday, 11 February 2024. 

Under the theme ‘Skills for Life,’ Surespan, in collaboration with Walsall College, is proud to showcase its robust apprenticeship program, highlighting the dynamic career opportunities and invaluable hands-on experience it offers to individuals seeking to launch rewarding careers in the manufacturing industry.

National Apprenticeship Week 2024 celebrates an apprenticeship’s profound impact on individuals, businesses, and the broader economy. It is a time when apprenticeship enthusiasts across the nation come together to highlight the benefits, value, and opportunities that apprenticeships bring.

At the heart of Surespan’s celebrations are stories of personal growth and legacy, exemplified by first and second-generation apprentices within the company. Highlighting this generational success are Claire and her daughter Hannah, alongside Nicky and her son Stephen, whose journeys through Surespan’s apprenticeship programs illuminate the transformative power of apprenticeships.

Nicky Adams, Office Manager at Surespan said:

“We are thrilled to open our doors to a new generation of apprentices and offer them the chance to learn and thrive within the manufacturing and engineering industry. Our apprenticeship programme not only provides a structured pathway for skill development but also paves the way for personal and professional growth.”

Surespan’s apprenticeship programme offers a comprehensive pathway for those eager to dive into the manufacturing industry, providing hands-on experience and a chance to earn while learning. 

By focusing on integrating cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices, the programme not only addresses the current skills gap but also prepares apprentices for long-term career growth and opportunities.

Surespan’s apprenticeship programme offers a comprehensive learning experience that blends hands-on training with innovation and sustainability. This unique pathway provides a robust alternative to traditional education, enabling apprentices to dive into the manufacturing industry without the financial burden of university debt. 

The programme emphasises real-world applications of the latest technology and sustainable practices, preparing apprentices to contribute significantly to a greener future. Additionally, involvement in actual projects boosts employability and provides a competitive advantage in the job market. 

With the guidance of industry experts, apprentices receive mentorship that fosters personal and professional growth. Moreover, the sense of community and belonging within the programme promotes continuous learning and improvement, highlighting Surespan’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of skilled professionals.

Surespan is proud to contribute to the National Apprenticeship Week 2024, reinforcing its commitment to developing skills for life and nurturing the next generation of industry leaders. 

Through its apprenticeship programme, Surespan not only enhances the employability of young people but also promotes innovation, sustainability, and a culture of learning within the manufacturing industry.

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