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Teachers and students enjoy a more engaging and interactive learning environment

Our Lady of Mercy primary welcome WiFi to support interactive classrooms

For modern schools, a fast and reliable network is imperative as real-time access to information makes the learning and teaching process more interactive and stimulating in today’s digital age.

Our Lady of Mercy primary school which recently upgraded its ICT network to cater for the rise of connected devices teachers and pupils are now using. The existing infrastructure which relied on a single ethernet port in each classroom was simply no longer sufficient.

Since rebuilding the WiFi network and introducing a centralised cloud-based management system, the teachers and students have enjoyed a more engaging and interactive learning environment.

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Primary School opened in 1993 with the amalgamation of three schools and now caters for 500 pupils. For the school to evolve and cater for innovative EdTech, it needed Wi-Fi in each of its 18 classrooms, covering communal areas and the gymnasium. With more iPads and teacher devices requiring access to the network, the school’s existing network infrastructure, which consisted of a network point in each room connected to a laptop, couldn’t keep up.

The primary school underwent a network upgrade with the aid of Compupac IT and its Wi-Fi network has now been rebuilt from the ground up with Zyxel’s world-class centralised cloud-based Nebula network solution that manages 80 devices, including laptops, interactive screens, iPads and teachers’ laptops, on any given school day.

Zyxel’s Nebula solution can be managed remotely and provides a high-level of visibility into usage, network traffic and loading across the school’s network, meaning changes can be made instantaneously from anywhere.

Brian Vickers, Education Technology Specialist at Compupac IT said:

“Since Zyxel has introduced the Nebula centralised network cloud management solution, Compupac IT has standardised the solution for all education network projects. This decision was down to the remote visibility and access to the network, enabling us to resolve issues remotely with intelligent reporting capabilities, all at an attractive price point that competing brands can’t match. It’s the perfect solution for education’s restricted networking budgets and complex IT needs, giving teachers and students the best possible network to thrive”.

Aine Rolston, IT Co-Ordinator at Our Lady of Mercy said:

“Wi-Fi is vital to support an interactive learning environment in the classrooms and ensure students receive a first-class education. Before working with Compupac IT and Zyxel, we didn’t have Wi-Fi and relied on a single ethernet port in each classroom, making it difficult for teachers to both teach and plan. Our teachers and pupils can now thrive in a more engaging interactive learning environment.”

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