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The most in-demand skills for Organisations in 2022

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Upskilling is important for all organisations to thrive but knowing where to start and what the most in-demand skills employers are looking for can set you at an advantage. Market-leading global consulting and training company ILX Group has released new research on the most in-demand skills that organisations are looking for in 2022.

The 5 skills organisations want in the workforce:

Dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic has revealed cracks in current business strategies, making it vital for businesses to reprioritise the skills they nurture in their workforce. Here are the top 5:

Management and leadership (76%)

Management and leadership is the most in-demand attribute in organisations in 2022. This skillset is about bringing out the best in other people – making sure they are in the right position to thrive and ensuring the correct decisions are being made to achieve the best outcomes for the business.

Big data analytics (75%)

In second place is big data analytics The ability to work with data of all kinds is important for any workforce, allowing access to useful information that can improve overall decision-making and help with risk management. More accurate decision-making can save time and money, which explains why it features so highly on the list of desirable skills. 

Cloud (74%).

The third most in-demand skill is the use and management of Cloud. In the world of remote working, most companies will use a network of remote servers such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft Teams, or something similar. Being trained in the field of cloud computing provides knowledge on topics like web services, IT and data security and data migration. This can mean projects run smoothly no matter where you work from, helping to streamline processes and prevent important documents from getting lost. 

Project and programme management (72%)

In a time where certainties aren’t always a given, orderly process, continuous oversight of projects and processes, risk management and realistic planning are key skills which businesses need to ensure that projects run as smoothly as possible from start to finish. Without dedicated oversight and management, a project can easily be derailed, deadlines can be missed and may even lead to a loss of revenue.

Automation (70%)

Eliminating repetitive, time-consuming tasks, streamlining processes, and providing consistent and reliable results is a major benefit to any company, making automation a highly desirable skill in today’s job market. It empowers employees and gives opportunity to complete other more important tasks without distraction.

Focusing on development for the future

The way we work has changed and it’s not likely to revert to what we once knew. New ways of working and the adoption of remote and hybrid employment have been important factors in an increased demand for further learning and development in the workplace. 41% of organisations increased their spending on learning and development in 2021, with even more (49%) planning to do so in 2022.

As staff shortages and employee retention impact almost every industry, training is seen as a key differentiator (80%) in attracting and retaining top talent. And with the increased uptake of AI technology, organisations are investing in training their IT and product development functions, as a top priority.

Desirability in a problem-plagued industry

Industries across the board are facing a variety of issues in the current climate. Organisations are facing staff shortages, supply chain disruption, inflation, uncertainty and the after-effects of the pandemic. Being able to deal with these challenges successfully requires good decision making, strong leadership and excellent communication throughout organisational eco-systems.

Now more than ever, employers want people who can adapt to new situations quickly and accurately. Learning and honing new skills can set you up for success when you’re looking to future-proof your career and make you a highly sought-after candidate.

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