From education to employment

The transformative power that education can have

The UK’s youth labour market has seen the biggest transformation than any other aspect of employment. Young people are vital to the UK job market and enhancing their opportunities through career advice and guidance is essential as is helping them to acquire marketable skills. 

Career pathways are no longer considered linear and there is no such thing as a predictable career route. Instead, you’ll find that young people are more open to branching into various roles and their willingness to remain flexible is admirable. 

A study from the AAT highlighted that the average worker will experience 6 different job roles in a lifetime. Life at work has changed considerably over the years but just how can we improve young people’s life chances? 

…Through Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

CEIAG is a vital component of school provision, which can have a direct impact on pupils aspirations and achievements. Through providing career advice and guidance, young people are able to make a well-informed decision on their future. Integrating career advice into the curriculum leads to better experiences for young people. Schools now have a responsibility to incorporate the Gatsby Benchmarks as outlined by the Careers Strategy.

The transformative power that education can have

Most of us can remember that teacher who inspired them, by helping pupils to develop the knowledge, understanding, confidence and skills, this gives them the opportunity to progress onto further education or work. It’s a well-known fact that young people not only look to teachers for career advice but their parents are major influences over their children’s options. 

However, the qualification and career routes available have massively changed since their parents were in school or college, leaving parents often feeling overwhelmed when faced with the question ‘what should I do next?’. Although this question ultimately all comes down to what the young person thinks is best for them, which is why it’s vital they are equipped with high-quality career advice and guidance – so as to be able to make decisions from what they know. 

There are a wide variety of career and qualification routes available and it’s no surprise that many parents don’t feel equipped enough to provide high-quality career guidance. Some teachers also feel they lack the appropriate knowledge to give jobs guidance. 

With so many different pathways available, from degree apprenticeships to BTECs, A Levels and the introduction to T Levels in September 2020, it can often be challenging for pupils to navigate their options. Choosing the qualification route is only the first step, young people also have to consider their subject or industry choice. Having access to labour market information is vital in an already competitive career market. But where can you find it?

Where can schools, colleges, pupils and parents turn to for career advice?

Providing high-quality career advice and guidance really is essential when enhancing young peoples futures! There are lots of useful websites out there which can help provide career advice and guidance to pupils. is the go-to place for early career opportunities. They have 1000’s of live opportunities for young people. Or if your pupils are looking for career inspiration then why not subscribe to Careermag for information on all the opportunities available? 

Careermap also hosts live CPD webinars to schools and colleges so you can bring employers into your classroom digitally. To receive notifications for these please contact [email protected]

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