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These are the best free mobile learning platforms for upgrading your skillset

Revealed: These are the best free mobile learning platforms for upgrading your skillset  

Online learning has been in huge demand over the last year. With more platforms providing people with the opportunity to gain new skills, the global online education market is projected to continue its rapid growth and reach a value of £370 billion by 20251. 

To help take advantage of free educational materials, online retailer,, has compiled a list of the best mobile learning platforms available for anyone looking to increase their skillset. 


As one of the largest online learning platforms, Skillshare allows users across the world to access an array of online courses. Through engaging video lectures taught by those regarded as the best in their field, users can take part in classes and subjects to suit all. Alongside insightful lectures, access to additional resources such as workbooks and reading allows those to further their learning progress. 

From web development and creative writing, right through to professional development or even culinary skills, Skillshare has courses across a range of subjects and disciplines, with a community environment that allows you to discuss your learnings with others. 

There’s an online version of Skillshare, but users can also access the platform on iOS and Android. 


If you’re looking to specifically develop your technical skills, Codecademy teaches coding in 12 different programming languages. Start by taking their online quiz so that they can establish and tailor to your needs and wants. Whether you’re a complete novice or a master who wants to polish up on their skills, Codecademy has classes across Python, Java, HTML, CSS and much more. 

Amongst its Basic plan, which provides a variety of free classes, users can learn other technical subjects such as web development and data science, to truly hone technical knowledge. Each course also has an assigned skill level so you can keep constant track of your learning ability. 

Apart from the web version, Codecademy is also available to download from the App Store and Google Play. 

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy offers entirely free online courses that integrate instructional videos, practice exercises, and a personalised learning dashboard. Unlike many other online learning providers, Khan Academy largely supports younger students, with content for pre-algebra and English language education. 

Users can also access preparation materials for standardised tests, including the SATs. In addition, Khan Academy offers resources for teachers and parents, who can assign standards-aligned course materials and track student progress. Furthermore, through networking tools, learners are able to connect with students and teachers across the globe. 

Khan Academy is available for web users, but it can also be accessed via the App Store and Google Play. 


Created as a joint venture between Harvard and MIT, edX provides more than 2,500 courses from 140 world-class colleges and universities. With a wide choice of courses in various topics such as computer science, business management, engineering and languages, there’s something for everyone looking to increase their skillset. 

The platform uses an open-source learning system that allows technologists and educators to augment their online courses freely, adding tools that align with the specific needs of their audience.  

edX can be accessed via the web but it is also available for mobile users from Google Play and the App Store. 

Andrew Cartledge, mobile expert at commented: 

“Whether you are a complete novice or an expert in your field, the Internet provides opportunities for everyone to participate in online learning. Through a range of platforms, you can access education across the technology, creative, science and media industries, to name a few. 

“Mobile learning has proven extremely successful over the last year due to its flexibility, allowing people to choose when they want to take on a new module or lesson, which can be taken anywhere at any time. With 5G now widespread, we’re able to access online learning materials faster than ever at the click of a button, making connectivity and learning simple and quick.” 

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