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Tomorrow’s Education Awards Virtual Company Shares to Graduates of its Founding Club Class

Tomorrow’s Education Awards Virtual Company
  • EdTech Company announces launch of Founding Club for the first 50 students of its Professional Master program in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Technology
  • Successful Founding Club graduates will be rewarded virtual company shares
  • Founding Club members will receive exclusive access to scholarships, as well as lifetime access to their student profile and global mentoring network

London, February 2021 – Following the launch of its Professional Master program in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Technology (SET), Edtech company Tomorrow’s Education announces a new and innovative model to reward and engage its students. Graduates of the first cohort will become members of the company’s Founding Club as well as co-creators in developing the identity of the SET program. In addition, the first graduates will receive access to exclusive networking and personal development opportunities, dedicated scholarships, and virtual shares in the company.

“Our goal is to make the Professional Master program a unique experience for everybody who is ready to tackle tomorrow’s challenges and shares our vision. Our students are part of our network and can impact the development of the platform with their feedback and ideas”, says Christian Rebernik, co-founder of Tomorrow’s Education. “This is why we want to reward them with virtual shares.”

Partnering with students to make education a more personal and relevant experience aligns with the company’s philosophy to create a new mindset of change. This approach is the core of the SET Professional Master program scheduled to commence in April. During the 12-month part-time program, students will develop the tools to tackle the most pressing problems of our times and make a positive impact in the world.

“We want to attract talented students who can help us shape the way we learn and who will spread our mission once they graduate,” says Thomas Funke, co-founder of Tomorrow’s education. “For us, positive change only can come through a combination of sustainable entrepreneurship and cutting-edge technology.”

Students who are admitted to the exclusive Founding Club will be eligible for lifetime personal development opportunities. Founding Club students also will be eligible for a number of valuable scholarships, and will have continuous access to their personal learning profiles once they graduate. All Founding Club graduates will be able to continue to participate in the company’s global mentoring network, connecting them with top tier mentors.

“The Professional Master in SET is a unique opportunity to develop not only the skills but also the mindset required for constant change in this fast-paced world. I like the way students are challenged to think outside the box and to find their inner strength and path,” says Ali Mahlodji, Founder of whatchado, European Youth Ambassador and keynote speaker and future mentor in the SET program.

“Tomorrow’s Education will change the way we think about higher education. It approaches learning from a very different perspective and its programs will help empower more and more people to make a change and challenge the status quo,” says Verena Pausder, digital education leader, Co-Founder of kids app company Fox & Sheep, and bestselling author.

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