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Training Provider The Skills Network Launches #AugmentedReality Learning

Leading online training provider The Skills Network (TSN) launches new Augmented Reality #AR learning experience with the announcement of new smartphone application

The new ‘EQUAL App’ marks the latest technological advancement in TSN’s online learning portfolio, with a provision that benefits over 35,000 students, 46 UK colleges and 6,000 businesses annually.

The EQUAL App will focus on enabling learners who study an industry-standard distance learning qualification with TSN to access additional interactive Augmented Reality (AR) content, such as 3D models, video case studies and a Virtual Tutor, by scanning areas of their chosen paper workbook via the app’s AR Lens.

The app is now available across TSN’s Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health course, with further releases of AR content scheduled across courses such as Team Leading, End of Life Care and Allergy Awareness by November 2019.

The smartphone application enables ‘mobile learning’ and is an extension of TSN’s online learning environment ‘EQUAL’, which is accessed by 900,000 users globally to study online learning content and attain new qualifications. TSN specialises in delivering distance learning courses in subject areas including mental health, childcare, health and social care, business and financial training.

Lizzy Owen, Director of Creative at The Skills Network, said:

“From the idea’s original conception, our Product Development Team have been wholly invested in delivering a product that will not only allow groups of learners to access content that they wouldn’t have been able to previously, but will make them even more excited and enthusiastic about their learning journey. We’re actually allowing learners to view interactive content from within a paper-based learning resource!

Using Augmented Reality (AR) in this way doesn’t stop here… we’ve not only got plans to get AR into our whole portfolio over the coming months but have a few more exciting projects up our sleeve!”

Claire Conlaund, Managing Director at The Skills Network, said:

“At TSN, we’ve long been proud to be known as a technical innovator in the world of e-learning, not only in advancements of our online learning platform, but also with continued expansion of our cutting edge course portfolio – leading the way with online qualifications in areas such as mental health, which has benefited over 17,000 people in the last year!

We believe that this is the first AR learning app among the training provider sector with regard to distance learning qualifications, and we are really proud to be releasing such an engaging product to our learners and the FE market in general.”

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