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Two months before the gender pay gap reporting deadline, 90% yet to release their figures

With little more than two months before the gender pay gap reporting deadline, only 700 of the 9000 expected organisations to report on this actually have.

Sarah Kaiser, Diversity and Inclusion lead for Fujitsu EMEIA, who published their figures last year, has provided a comment on why this is important and what organisations should be considering when coming to publish their gender pay report:

“With the deadline for companies to publish their gender pay report fast-approaching, it’s concerning that over 90% of companies are yet to release their figures. Creating a collaborative environment which is open to different ideas, perspectives and styles of thinking is crucial for any business. The fact that we are still seeing an 18% gender pay gap points to a simple truth – there needs to be a collective effort to encourage more women into the IT industry, where they can enjoy rewarding, creative and flexible careers.

“When coming to reporting a gender pay gap, the whole businesses needs to be accountable, not just HR. In fact, because gender pay gap reporting is a critical step in any plans to attract, retain and develop a diverse talent population, there is an opportunity to improve the performance of the entire business – creating a vibrant, nurturing and exciting place to work. And so when reporting any pay gap, businesses must be honest. Employees and customers want to hear how the company feels about any gap and what they’re doing about it. The time has passed for apologising for gender pay gaps, this should be about taking action and closing them. 

“It is only by engaging a diverse array of people in business that we can hope to protect the future competitiveness of the UK economy. So when we get diversity and inclusion right, everyone – from individuals and teams to the broader business – benefits.”

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