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Two-year fast track degree course provides an innovative new approach to training actors


Leicester College has extended its partnership with ALRA (The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts) to deliver the second year of a new, ground-breaking, two-year fast track degree course that provides an innovative new approach to training actors.

From September 2019, present students will qualifying for their degree in July 2020 and a new group of students will begin their 1st Year journey. With the help of ALRA, the course has identified a new approach to curriculum design that bridges the gap between traditional university study and drama school. This caters for individuals who have their own unique practice and do not necessarily fit with standard conservatoire entry criteria. Students train in acting for stage and screen, voice, and movement.

The course is unique for its focus on creative performance practice, establishing a personal style of artistry and expression that connects into wider genres such as visual arts, dramaturgy, fashion, music, film-making and photography. Students develop personal interests in, for example, writing, directing, theatre costume, film, artistic make-up and entrepreneurial skills, as part of their approach to training as an actor.

Lara Walczak, Course Manager at Leicester College, explained: “We wanted to offer an intensive approach to study mirroring the experience gained at drama school. The two-year accelerated degree allows the student to thrive within a ‘deeper approach’ to learning. Students train for 30 hours per week across an extended academic year of 40 weeks. For the student it is a more efficient and cost effective way to train.”

Some comments from students on the course

“The course allows for creative freedom, giving opportunities to explore our own creativity whilst curating our acting technique. It offers an intense training that is on par with the training found in the top conservatoires. The tutors are professionals with experience in the industry and they offer support and constructive feedback throughout the rehearsal and teaching process. The work we do is challenging, and ensures artistic growth

“The industry knowledge and experience the tutors have is an outstanding resource for the students. The enrichment activities such as Stage Combat, Dance and Radio Acting really add value to the work.”

“The course is run by passionate tutors who clearly love the subjects they are teaching”

“We have regular group discussions about personal social and political issues, keeping us up to date with the changes happening around us in an environment, where we are able to safely voice our opinions with zero judgment from others.”

“One of the strengths of the course is that you begin Acting to Camera from the start of Year 1. This is part of the ALRA ethos and many drama schools are still not doing this.”

“The course challenges me every day to be a better actor and a more rounded person.”

“The support continuously offered in personal and professional growth and development has made this highly intense course a safe place where you can be courageous and inspired.”

“Although I was offered a place at another Drama School I would have had to have raised some of the funding for myself. Here the course is fully funded through Student Finance.”

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