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UK is the 12th highest investor in education in the world

In light of The Chancellor announcing a £2.2bn increase in the schools budget, Teaching Abroad Direct has taken a look at the education spending per child across 43 nations since 2010.

Using OECD and 25 other government and data body reports, Teaching Abroad Direct has analysed the spending per child of 43 nations since 2010, adjusted in relation to GDP (PPP), to highlight the nations spending the most and least per child across the world.

Teaching Abroad Direct’s study found:

  • The UK spend $11,597 (£8,700) per child in mandatory education

  • Latest figures reveal the UK provides the 12th highest figure in the world

  • Spending per child in the UK increased by 4% on the previous year

  • Luxembourg, Austria, Norway are the 3 biggest investors per pupil, according to the latest figures

  • China has increased year-on-year spending the most per student, increasing 21% per year on average

  • The US are 37th on a list of 43, increasing spending per student by only 2% per year

In response to the study, Andrew Lynch, Director at Teaching Abroad Direct comments:

“Investing in education is a must for any economy, helping to provide the next generation with skills to make them attractive in the future jobs market while providing jobs to teachers and various support staff.”

“As the results of our study show, investment in education globally is increasing, with many nations adjusting their spend by between 3% – 4%. However, despite these increases, there are still challenges being faced by schools and teachers – just 5 nations pay teachers above the local average ‘cost of living’ – so we would implore policymakers and public spending advisers to consider increasing their education spending, where possible.”

“It’s also important for all in education to have a better global understanding of the changing shape of education around the world and the different levels of financial support teachers have to deal with.”

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