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Universities Minister Michelle Donelan MP visits Imperial College’s South Kensington campus

Universities Minister @MichelleDonelan MP visited @ImperialCollege’s South Kensington campus today (Monday). 

Universities Minister Michelle Donelan visits Imperial

During the visit, she saw how Imperial is delivering COVID-safe teaching and research and protect students and staff on campus.

The Minister was welcomed by Professor Ian Walmsley, who together with Professor Emma McCoy, Professor Omar Matar, and Shervin Sabeghi, Imperial College Union’s Deputy President, explained the multi-mode teaching and other measures put in place by Imperial to ensure students continue to receive a world-class education while remaining safe.

The Minister experienced multi-mode teaching live during a lecture in the Business School with students attending both in person and remotely. She also learnt about the education technology that enables Imperial’s multi-mode teaching.

Universities Minister Michelle Donelan hears from Dr Colin Hale about Covid-safe teachg

The Minister heard from Dr Colin Hale about COVID-safe teaching

At Imperial’s Carbon Capture Pilot Plant, Senior Teaching Fellow Dr Colin Hale explained the adjustments made to continue safe education of the next generation of scientists in best practice in carbon capture and storage.

The Minister also heard from Professor Jason Hallett about the changes his lab has made to continue his research into sustainable chemical technologies Covid-safe.

Professor Alice Gast and Professor Ian Walmsley discussed the challenges which universities like Imperial have faced due to coronavirus and how the university has responded to them, as well as the importance of international research collaboration in tackling global challenges and the UK’s future success as a world leader in science.

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