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UPS student adds Assistant to the High Sheriff to his impressive portfolio of achievements

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@CRC_College Uniformed Public Services student, Dwight Bruno, is appointed to the role of Assistant to the High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire for the 20/21 year of office; an opportunity that will see Dwight accompany the High Sheriff on his official duties over the coming year.

Dwight commented on the appointment, “I think it’s a massive honour to represent the high sheriff in his official duties and a great opportunity for me to develop as an individual. I believe in going a little further than expected every day and the rewards are beginning to be realised.”

Dwight goes on to say that studying and being a cadet at CRC has developed him mentally and physically preparing him to succeed in a range of situations that may arise in everyday life as well in a potential career within the armed forces.

At the age of 14, while studying at Ely College, Dwight joined the Ely Army Cadet Force (ACF) and, after his initial training, learning from older cadets, he spent the following few years learning the skills and qualities required in the armed forces. During this time, Dwight identified a passion for fieldcraft and teaching younger cadets, something he describes as his favourite thing about being a cadet. While gaining practical skills, Dwight participated in a range of public events, representing the Ely Detachment at Remembrance Services and Royal British Legion Riders 876 every man remembered events.

As Dwight approached his GCSE’s his commitment to the ACF continued to strengthen and he took the decision to study Level 2 Uniformed Public Services at Cambridge Regional College before progressing to Level 3 to further develop his knowledge and understanding of the industry.

Dwight said, “I chose to study at CRC because the UPS course was the best fit for my goals, with relevant course content and a range of additional opportunities. My experiences so far have been great. I have had access to a wide range of activities and opportunities, and I know there are more to come as I progress through the course.”

Alongside his studies, Dwight engaged with additional learning opportunities at CRC, completing his Public Order training and developing his physical fitness with Royal Marine Commandos. Furthermore, Dwight transferred to the CRC cadet unit where he continued to mentor younger cadets.

The ongoing commitment to his studies, attendance at community events and supporting younger learners resulted in the Contingent Commander nominating Dwight to be Assistant to the High Sheriff for the 20/21 year of office, and in May 2020 Dwight learned that he had been selected for the role.

Head of Department for UPS, CRC, Peter Hockey added, “We wish Dwight the best of luck in his role of Assistant to the High Sheriff. It is a well-deserved achievement and we do not doubt that he will excel in this role, just as he has in his studies and public duties as a cadet with Cambridge Regional College.”

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