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Scottish Government’s five-point plan will allow many students to return home safely for the winter break

NUS Scotland has today (11 Nov) welcomed the Scottish Government’s five-point plan which will allow many students to return home safely for the winter break.

Commenting Matt Crilly, NUS Scotland President, said:

“Today’s announcement that students can travel home safely for the Christmas break is warmly welcome and will be a relief to many students and families across Scotland.

 “Students have had a difficult term, many having to self-isolate for extended periods. We’ve repeatedly called for a coherent plan for the end of term and welcome the government’s commitment today to mass testing and staggered departure dates which gives students the certainty they need.

“Focus now must turn to ensuring that institutions are equipped with enough resource to cope with the demand for testing and have funding to offer support to those students who for a variety of reasons, such as care experienced, estranged and international students, will stay in their accommodation over the winter break. We also need a clear strategy for January return: students deserve better than another term of uncertainty.”

Universities UK response to government plans for enhanced asymptomatic COVID testing for universities in England

A Universities UK spokesperson said:

“We welcome the government’s ambition to enhance testing capacity for university students and staff, and are pleased that universities have helped shape their plans by sharing experience from their own testing regimes and participating in pilots.

“A more effective test, track and trace system in higher education will help limit transmission, assist in rapid response to outbreaks and support universities to continue offering face-to-face learning and support for student welfare in a low risk and physically-distanced way.

“For a major roll out of asymptomatic testing to be successful, universities now need clear assurance of the effectiveness of the tests as well as further details from the government on specific responsibilities under the proposed scheme including the governance, indemnity, resourcing and costs recovery.”

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