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Vulnerable children: Andrea Leadsom to be quizzed by Lords committee

Andrea Leadsom MP, lead on the Early Years Healthy Development Review

Former cabinet minister Andrea Leadsom, (@AndreaLeadsom) along with other expert and local government witnesses, will give evidence to the House of Lords Public Services Committee (@LordsPublicSCom) tomorrow (Wednesday 7 July from 3.00 p.m.) when it continues its inquiry into vulnerable children and public services.

The MP chaired a review into improving the health and development outcomes for babies in England and published its findings in March 2021.

The committee will hear from:

At 3.00 p.m.

  • Andrea Leadsom MP, lead on the Early Years Healthy Development Review
  • Jon Yates, Executive Director, Youth Endowment Fund
  • Natalie Perera, Chief Executive, Education Policy Institute

Likely questions include:

  • What is inhibiting collaboration around the needs of vulnerable children and families at the local level?
  • What is preventing national government and local services from investing in early family help, and how can this be overcome?
  • What role should Family Hubs play in facilitating the integration of services and early intervention support as part of a national strategy on vulnerable children?

At 4.00 p.m.

  • Lee Golze, Assistant Director of Partnerships, Early Intervention and Localities, Doncaster Council
  • Dame Janet Trotter OBE DBE CVO, Child Friendly Coalition Gloucestershire
  • Andy Dempsey, Director of Partnerships and Strategy, Gloucestershire County Council
  • Karen Davison, Strategic Manager for Early Help, Durham County Council

Likely questions include:

  • Do you agree with the findings of the Leadsom review that Family Hubs should be at the centre of an integrated Government strategy on vulnerable children?
  • Have you been able to protect early intervention funding in your area and, if so, how?
  • How do you work with the local voluntary sector to design and deliver services to vulnerable children and families?

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