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Wapping High School Launches Leading Online Safeguarding Solution With Google Premier Education Partner C-Learning Supporting Educators & Students to Stay Safe Online

Wapping High School

As educators are making extensive use of online learning solutions providing a safe and supportive online learning environment has become increasingly important. Wapping High School has long provided an education experience that is student centred and tailored to individual needs supported by a progressive, modern and technology rich learning environment and wanted to ensure that with online safety it was in the vanguard of outstanding practice taking the decision to deploy Safeguarding 24.

The team behind Safeguarding 24 spent time working with educators and safeguarding experts to explore the challenges educators are facing with such a large increase in online learning driven in part by the coronavirus pandemic, and it was clear that both teachers and students would appreciate the ability to evidence anything they experience in online learning spaces that may be a concern and to bring this to the attention of safeguarding professionals in a way aligned to good safeguarding practice. This need was the driver behind the Safeguarding24 solution.

Screenshot 2020 06 15 at 7.23.55 PM Headteacher Gary Nelson said

Our curriculum is high quality, imaginative and supported by a rich digital environment with a focus on ensuring that all students develop the highest quality skills in reading, numeracy and literacy and communication. We are committed to providing an outstanding online learning experience and by working with a leading Google for Education Premier Partner we have been able to deploy the latest technologies helping to keep our learning communities safe online. Safeguarding 24 helps our students to raise any concern they may have in an online space, and for our staff it provides an immediate insight into any issues relating to a student who may be dealing with cyberbullying or a wider issue. For our school, working in partnership with expert trusted advisers ensures we can deploy the right technologies with confidence rather than hope we are procuring the right tools. C-Learning has a long history of collaborating with leading educators and authentically listening. We are looking forward to collaborating in the future and to continuing to push forward with delivering first class learning opportunities’.

Safeguarding24 enables a user to quickly and easily capture a concern on the screen including a screen grab, record the nature of the concern and activate it’s secure transmission to an authorised safeguarding practitioner in a given organisation. The software is easy to install and appears on the browser as a blue shield and was developed in consultation with leading safeguarding professionals and educators making extensive use of online learning technologies such as Google for Education. 

Screenshot 2020 06 15 at 7.27.14 PM

Trudie McGuinness, Founder & Director of The Essential Training Company said

With so much of our activity moved online, it is vital that we seek to create as safe a virtual space as possible online. With Safeguarding24 any online safeguarding concerns can be reported immediately. It gives peace of mind to staff and students alike that they are being supported in the virtual space. They don’t need to worry about something while they work remotely as getting support is just one click away. When I was a Designated Safeguarding Lead, I would have welcomed this back up in helping my team and me to safeguard effectively.

Screenshot 2020 06 15 at 7.29.20 PM

Jamie Smith, Executive Chairman of Google Premier Education Partner and Google for Education Technology Build Partner C-Learning said

“Gary has a bold ambition and clear vision for Wapping High School that sets the highest expectations for learning experiences whether online or offline. Gary was looking for advice and guidance on leading emerging practice and combining our extensive network of innovative educators globally, with our specialist expertise, Gary identified Safeguarding 24 as an ideal solution to augment the wider leading practice already in the school. I’m proud that the C-Learning team are collaborating with the ambitious educators working with Gary at Wapping High School and will be supporting the whole learning community to deliver learning experiences that are transformational, providing an advantage in securing happy, healthy and prosperous lives’.

The Safeguarding 24 solution requires no complex IT support, self installs and a free trial is available from or by emailing [email protected] 

Additionally to make Safeguarding24 accessible to everyone from a small school to a large college or university the solution has one fixed price point, just £500 plus VAT. For any education institution subscribing to Statistics 24 the C-Learning team are offering a bundled offer for a limited time where Safeguarding 24 will be included with its partner product Statistics 24.



C-Learning is a Google Premier Education Partner, part of Delling Cloud, with a client base of thousands of educators in more than 20 countries. The company is a leading transformation specialist and provider of specialist software, Chromebooks and Google technology such as Jamboards, training and consultancy services to education.

Statistics24 and Safeguarding24 are specialist software integrations providing dashboards, analytics and safeguarding support for the Google G-Suite productivity tools and wider. 


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