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Weduc Acquires Schools Transport Management System STAR

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Weduc, the whole school parental engagement and communications platform, has acquired STAR, the Schools Transport Automatic Register system for management of educational transport. Now known as Weduc Transport, this award-winning, innovative system enhances the safety, security, operational efficiency and transparency of the educational transport service.

Weduc Transport’s cutting-edge technology enables schools and parents to track children in real time on the bus journey to and from school.  It forms another exciting module of Weduc’s interactive software which combines all aspects of school communication and parental engagement, in an easy-to-use platform. Providing a point of connection between schools and parents during this important time of the day, this new module provides complete visibility and control of the progress of their children on the drive to and from school, with instant tracking of vehicle location and two-way communication between driver and school.

Dr Farhad Fassihi, the architect and developer of STAR said:

“STAR fits neatly into the Weduc portfolio and adds an additional, vital dimension to the capabilities of the Weduc product.  We were impressed by the Weduc platform and instantly recognised the synergy that exists between our two systems.”

Daniel Woodcock, managing director, Weduc said:

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“I’m really thrilled to welcome STAR to the Weduc family.  This new technology matches our core values around enabling outstanding parental engagement and communications to education which now extends to travel to and from school.”

Daniel continued,  “Additionally, schools, parents and bus companies can be more accountable for transportation through improved communications across key stakeholders.  A single communication platform simplifies parental engagement including information about issues such as lateness and breakdowns and more importantly, child safety.”

Weduc provides an array of interactive features that encourages the participation of family members in a child’s education and promotes social learning.  This innovative platform is now being adopted by many schools across the world.  The interaction between schools, parents and teachers creates stronger relationships and increases the participation of all involved in the education of the students.

The system can be used by any type of school, from nursery and primary schools to universities, as well as tutoring or after-school activity centres. Third party organisations or communities that deliver education or skills can also participate on the Weduc network to enhance the number of learning avenues that Weduc provides to its community of educators and learners.

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