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Well-being student gains qualification with the flexibility of studying from anywhere

  • London Learning Foundation is a partner organisation to London Learning Consortium.
  • It provides the outstanding Gateway to Wellbeing course which was introduced in 2021 and has since had 30  learners complete the course.
  • Regina finished the qualification whilst dealing with health complications and being in the hospital most days of the course.

Regina enrolled on the Gateway to Wellbeing course with London Learning Foundation because she wanted to better her understanding of her personal well-being. Whilst looking after her autistic child at home, Regina wanted to find a course that offered flexibility and a support network. Which is exactly what she found with London Learning Foundation. 

After enrolling on the course, Regina suffered a bad relapse of her serious heart condition and ended up in the hospital multiple times during the duration of the course. Regina showed outstanding resilience and still attended the course even whilst in the hospital! When we asked Regina what made her so determined to attend the course even whilst unwell she said “The course was like having a family for me. It was diverse and I loved learning and hearing about everyone’s different backgrounds. I really do value everything I learnt in the course, which is why I didn’t want to miss it. Not to mention it was a great opportunity to study for free. Some people don’t get the luxury to have free education.”

After asking Regina what it was that she enjoyed most about the course she said “I must be very honest, Amanda O’Shea is an amazing tutor, and the course is really inspiring. British values were one of the best topics.” 

Amanda O’Shea says “Regina was amazing on the programme.  She was so committed to turning up and making great contributions and suggestions in discussions pulling on her own personal experiences.  She was open to new ideas and reflected on how she reacted to situations and what she could do to change behaviours to improve her own well-being.   Such was her commitment she even attended in a hospital bed, to not miss out on classes!”


Let’s talk to one of our new graduates from the LLF Gateway to Wellbeing course! Regina has had a real challenge with health complications, which is one of the many reasons that her story is truly inspiring! You can read Regina’s amazing case study on our blog – Congratulations once again Regina, the team at LLC and LLF are so proud of you! #LLF #LLC #LondonLearningFoundation #London #SouthLondon #Wellbeing #MentalHealth #WellbeingCourse #Psycology

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We also wanted to find out what impact the course had on Regina’s life, to which she responded “ The Gateway to Wellbeing course really helped me to improve my own well-being and learn different methods of self-care.”

Regina has persevered so much and has since completed her qualification with London Learning Foundation. She has been accepted into Coventry University to study Law; she says “Everything I have learnt on the Gateway to Wellbeing Course, I will be taking with me to complete the next chapter of my professional life.”

If like Regina, you are interested in applying for the Gateway to Wellbeing course then you can here. 

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