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Weston College’s Sector-based Work Academy Programme Delivers Exceptional Job Outcome Achievement Rate

Weston College celebrates the outstanding success of its Sector-based Work Academy Programme (SWAPs), which have resulted in a remarkable 47% job outcome achievement rate.

The SWAP courses, delivered by Weston College’s Pre-Employment Team, have helped over 553 individuals complete training in various industries, leading to a staggering 262 individuals securing employment.

Weston College’s Pre-Employment Team has delivered 50 SWAP courses since April 2022 to April 2023. During this period, the team received 891 referrals and enrolled 553 of those referrals, a start rate of 62%.

From using the TOMS framework the success of these SWAP courses has resulted in an estimated average saving for the public purse of £15,085.95 for each unemployed person who has secured work, which indicates that in 12 months, Weston College’s SWAP offer alone has generated a £3.9m Social Return on Investment.

The SWAPs are a key part of Weston College’s efforts to help jobseekers improve their job prospects and enhance their CVs through bespoke training in a particular industry. Each SWAP includes pre-employment training, work experience, and a guaranteed interview with an employer in the sector or help with the application process.

Weston College’s SWAPs are designed to create a skilled workforce for employers, and the programme is flexible and can be adapted to meet the individual needs of businesses. There is no direct cost to employers who offer a SWAP, with candidates remaining on benefits, and the government offering support with travel and childcare costs for benefit claimants completing the scheme.

Successful SWAP have run with Employers who have worked with the College on the SWAP programme had this to say:

Adrian Batty, Estates Manager from the NHS commented:

“We were looking for a Band 3 Administration Support Assistant and one was recruited successfully right away!”

“The process of recruitment was absolutely brilliant – from the interview on Wednesday the candidate started with us on Monday – it worked really well because with SWAPs the candidates are already DBS checked, inductions have been done and they are set up on the system with emails etc. Our new employee has already been holding the fort and has added value to the team.”

Alex Pryde, Manager of Outpatients and Mass Vaccination Programme Booking Team, said:

“The introduction of mass vaccinations required rapid staffing, and the SWAPs Team delivered exceptional candidates. One standout SWAPs candidate coordinated the vaccination program and was promoted from Band 2 to Band 3. Now, on the verge of a Band 4 promotion and a permanent contract, their journey highlights the excellent quality of SWAPs candidates.”

James Warren, Lead for Covid 19 Testing Team, stated:

“Recruiting for my team is challenging due to the need for advanced IT literacy and navigating multiple systems. SWAPs has been invaluable in streamlining the pre-interview process and ensuring candidate suitability. One standout candidate has proven to be an exceptional and consistent team member, a true asset. I highly recommend SWAPs to other departments in need of similar services.”

The success of Weston College’s SWAPs demonstrates the outstanding work of its Pre-Employment Team in delivering bespoke training, and the programme’s effectiveness in creating a skilled workforce for businesses. The college looks forward to continuing to deliver successful SWAPs in the future.

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