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What mental health support is available for Apprentices and Trainees within Independent Training Providers (ITPs) and employers?


The Greater Manchester Learning Provider Network (@GM_LPN), in partnership with the Association of Colleges (@AoC_info), and funding from the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, are embarking on a project to research into what mental health support is available for Apprentices and Trainees within Independent Training Providers (ITPs) and employers.

This project is split into different phases and GMLPN have recently completed the research phase of the project.

Findings as GMLPN Complete Research Phase of AoC Project 

GMLPN have completed research finding out the extent to which ITPs have policies and procedures, capacity and capability in place to deal with mental health issues for apprentices, as well as to support employers’ and providers’ staff who are in position to in turn support trainees and apprentices. GMLPN gathered over 30 responses from member ITPs through surveys, one to one conversations and focus group meetings.

Anne Gornall, Executive Director, GMLPN, said:

‘We are pleased with how the project is progressing and thankful to our Network for their support during the research phase of the project. The research has shown us that while there is a lot of support/resource/capacity for Mental Health & Wellbeing with ITPs and Employers that support apprentices/trainees, there is much more that can be done to triangulate this.’

Through the research phase GMLPN have established that:

  • ITPs need further resources and training on mental health
    • Whilst there are some gaps that have been identified, there are examples of best practice across ITPs / the sector that can be/will be further developed on in the next phase of the project
  • Many employers do not have a comprehensive process in place for supporting apprentices/trainees
    • This is particularly an issue for small and medium sized employers
  • Different sectors of employment bring different mental health challenges for apprentices and trainees
    • For example, irregular working hours and sleep patterns can cause mental health problems in the Logistics sector

GMLPN will continue to gather more information from the sector by using Professional Exchange focus groups. 

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