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Young at Heart: We believe you are never too old to further your education

At NPTC Group of Colleges (@NPTCGroup), we believe you are never too old to further your education. We welcome students of all ages across our campuses and are very proud of our adult learners. One of these is Sammy Young.

Sammy is a full-time student at Neath College and currently studying two part-time courses, Level 1 Joinery and Level 3 Carpentry.

Sammy has recently become an Inspiring Skills Excellence in Wales Winner and will now move on to the World Skills national finals in November which will take place in Norfolk. When asked about how it felt to win Inspiring Skills Excellence in Wales, Sammy said: “It feels really good to have won gold for Wales, but my eyes are on winning gold for the UK, so I’m working towards that but I’m really happy with how far I’ve come in such a short time, and this was the last thing I expected.”

The 42-year-old mother of three signed up for Level 1 Carpentry and, within the first week, she knew it was for her. When Sammy was at school, she excelled at carpentry and was top of her class. After she left school, life took over and she felt that she forgot it was what she loved doing. She has now re-found her passion for carpentry and is enjoying every minute of her return to learning.

Now undertaking two part-time courses, when asked about how she manages to balance everything in her life she said:

It’s not easy, my life is incredibly busy without college and at least when I come to college, I have a straightforward day which is just about me and I can focus. So this is my quiet, calm, happy place.

“The teachers are all amazing. I’ve had so much extra support and everything I could possibly need to help me, train me and give me the materials and experience I need to do this competition, and I’ve felt really supported.”

Sammy says she would encourage women to go into construction just as she would encourage them to do whatever they want to do in life.

“Being a woman shouldn’t limit you in any way. If you want to do it come and do it, you’ll be brilliant – there are no limitations, in fact sometimes I think it can actually help. It’s welcoming and there is space and places for women in the construction industry.”

As for anyone thinking about returning to education, Sammy believes as an adult learner, you possess the discipline, focus and concentration that you didn’t have when you were younger, in a much calmer setting where you have more control. “It’s glorious I love it; I never want to stop learning”.

We would like to congratulate all our students who took part in Inspiring Skills Excellence in Wales and wish good luck to our students competing in the World Skills UK finals in November.

You can find out more about our part-time courses by clicking the link below.

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