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Fife College celebrates 60 years of Kirkcaldy-Ingolstadt twinning with a student-led Christmas market stall in Germany

Christmas Stall

In a festive culmination of the 60th anniversary of the Kirkcaldy-Ingolstadt twinning link, Fife College showcased Scottish culture with a stall at the renowned Ingolstadt Christmas market.

The initiative, representing a collaboration between the Kirkcaldy-Ingolstadt Association (KIA) and Fife College, saw students Callum and Sophie make the 1,300 km trip to manage a Christmas market stall focusing on Scottish food, drink, and tartan merchandise.

The ‘Kirkcaldy Christmas Cabin’ represented and celebrated Scottish heritage in Germany, thanks to the Provost of Fife and the enthusiastic participation of the students.

Sophie relished the opportunity of the experience:

“The time I spent at the Ingolstadt Christkindlmarkt was a great opportunity, which I’ll never forget. I enjoyed meeting new people, not just from Germany but from other countries such as Poland, France, and Italy. Learning what it’s like to work on the market away from home, I enjoyed having the responsibility of opening and closing the stall, counting stock, and calculating profits.

“I met a customer from Scotland, who moved to Germany a few years ago, who came to our stall to buy Irn Bru; not just once, but twice!”

Callum also enjoyed the opportunity, adding:

“I had a brilliant experience in Ingolstadt. I loved meeting lots of new people from many different countries. I also learnt some German… well, I can count to six!

“My most memorable customers were the financial advisors who came each day for their whiskey teas to warm them up on the cold nights; the lowest temperature while we were there was -13 degrees!”

Robert Main, Chair of Kirkcaldy-Ingolstadt Association, said:

“I am delighted that Kirkcaldy was represented, once again, at the well-loved and highly regarded Ingolstadt Christkindlmarkt.

“The occasion was a fine ending to a year that celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Kirkcaldy -Ingolstadt twinning link. The Provost of Fife, again, delegated the invitation to participate and present the Kirkcaldy Christmas Cabin to the Kirkcaldy-Ingolstadt Association (KIA). Working in partnership with Fife College, the KIA enlisted the help of two of their students, Sophie and Callum, to staff the impressive Kirkcaldy Christmas stand that focussed on Scottish food and drink as well as merchandising of Scottish tartan.

“The development of this working partnership between KIA and Fife College will assist greatly in establishing a more formal link between Fife College and the Fachoberschule and Berufschule (Technical and Vocational College) Ingolstadt, and a student exchange programme.

It’s an exciting opportunity that builds upon the Ingolstadt students’ placements in Kirkcaldy, with Kirkcaldy students being given a similar opportunity in Ingolstadt.”

Geoffrey Proudlock, Director of the Faculty of Business, Enterprise and Tourism with Supported Programmes at Fife College, said:

“We are incredibly proud of the partnership between Fife College and the Kirkcaldy Ingolstadt Association, which has led to the successful Kirkcaldy Christmas Cabin in Ingolstadt. This initiative strengthens the long-standing twinning relationship between Kirkcaldy and Ingolstadt in its landmark 60th year and showcases the skill and dedication of our students.

“The positive reception of the Christmas Cabin, focusing on Scottish culture and traditions, underscores the value of this partnership.”

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