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Conference encourages students to build their Social Capital 

University of Chester students holding certificate

University of Chester @uochester held an event to empower students to build networks and connections to enhance their future success. 

The Unlock Your Future Student Social Capital Conference was open to all students and featured a range of networking opportunities and presentations from speakers including Victoria Carr, a Headteacher, Army Reserve Officer and Author, and Annabel Priest, a recent alumnus of the University who spoke on the transition from campus to career. 

The focus of the day was on Social Capital, a concept that has been embraced by the University, with students encouraged to recognise the importance of building networks, relationships, and connections. The approach is having a real impact on student’s academic and personal growth with a view to giving them the very best opportunities as they move into employment. 

To help students to embrace the day, they were asked to share their “Social Capital” stories, through a series of poster presentations. These were then judged by Kathy Szeputi, Head of Brand and Communications at HM3 Legal. 

After selecting Law student Eleanor Clarke as the overall winner, Kathy said:

“The posters were all so different in how the students had interpreted and expressed the brief for observers who may have little knowledge of the details. Various student posters stood out in particular areas, yet one project was clear and strong in all areas: Eleanor. Congratulations on winning, we wish you and each student who took part all the best with your onward journey and developing your amazing ideas.  

She added, “Well done to all students for their hard work on the Social Capital project and to the University of Chester for inviting HM3 Legal to choose the winner. I was not quite prepared for how difficult it would be! 

Second-year Law Student Sophie Kear, one of the presenting students, added that the whole event had been “extremely informative and inspiring”.

The University will follow up on the success of the day with a series of ongoing events designed to help students across the institution to realise their potential. 

Caption: Eleanor Clarke and Kathy Szeputi.

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