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Student Anxiety on the rise: Resources to Help


New research from student accommodation providers, Fresh indicates that student searches around mental health related queries have increased, with ‘anxiety’ among the most commonly used key terms when it comes to wellbeing. 

Fresh has put together a list of helpful resources for students who may be experiencing anxiety and those looking to manage this extremely common emotion when it does present itself. 

The Calm TikTok Account

With over 400K followers and counting, the Calm TikTok account is proving popular with young adults due to its short videos on mindfulness and breathing techniques to aid anxiety. The green and brown noise clips are another great addition to the account, aiding in easing anxiety and supporting a better sleep pattern. 

 Smart watches 

The beauty of Apple watches and Fitbits is that students have access to helpful resources on the go. The Fitbit premium subscription is known for its nutritional education, but its sleep meditations can also be helpful for those struggling with anxiety and a lack of sleep. 

Balance by Google 

Currently offering a year’s free subscription, Balance by Google offers a wide variety of meditations and a personalised plan based on what mood you’re currently experiencing – whether that’s stress, a lack of sleep or anxiety. The plan is based on guided meditation from qualified experts, where daily check-ins are encouraged. The app even asks if you are currently a student to help with the challenges that can come with this. 

The Mind Website

The Mind website is well-known for providing helpful resources and its self-care section around anxiety and panic attacks provides practical tips and techniques to look after yourself when living with anxiety – including possible causes, how you can access treatment, and how you can seek guidance from friends and family. 

Qualified influencers

There are many qualified mental health practitioners that provide support online. Influencers such as Dr Julie Smith, a Psychologist with a self-help book on optimising mental health helps over 4Mfollowers on her TikTok account. Here she shares short, accessible videos to put mental health tips into digestible snippets, with visualisations to help in understanding key themes and topics. 

Your university 

Whilst there are plenty of online resources to manage stress and anxiety, you can also reach out to your university for support. Speak to your campus counsellor or reach out to your student support group. It’s important to speak to someone if feelings of anxiety become overwhelming. 

More support around mental health and anxiety from Fresh can be found here.

Fresh is also partnered with Young Minds where students can access advice around mental health.

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