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Army seeks to build on partnership with FE colleges

Major Anthony Liddell, of the army’s recruitment group, has spoken about the growing partnership between the armed forces and Further Education colleges across the country.

Promoting a new bursary at the Association of Colleges’ annual conference, he told how the army is “already in partnership with 220-odd FE colleges, so nearly 50 per cent of the sector, offering a financial incentive to young people to stay in Further Education.”

The bursary scheme enables learners to earn £1,000 per year, and then another £1,000 when they leave college to join the army and complete basic training. However, the scheme is about much more than simply offering financial rewards.

Major Liddell continued: “It’s about nurturing that individual through college, providing them with work experience opportunities, and of course the most important thing, allowing them to get a qualification – a vocational qualification that they can then take on and use when they join the army.”


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