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EdtechX: What is the Next Big Disruptor?

Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet and Charles McIntyre open up the 10th Anniversary Edition of EdTechX. In this, they discuss the last decade of EdTech, but also look at the future decade and what that could bring.

What has EdTech delivered in the last 10 years?

There have been big system changes, instructional design revolutions and efficiencies. But has EdTech changed the world? Not really… Out of the last decade, the Covid years are the most remembered!

The Two years following, the Covid Hangover, followed by Artificial Intelligence looming as the great disruptor. Technology is slow. And 10 years is a short investment cycle, in reality.

CHANGE creates FEAR. But change is not NEW.

There is a race to build AI that has the capacity of the human brain. Currently, it is at the capacity of a cat. This race is GLOBAL.

We need a symbiotic relationship with AI: Humans complimenting and working with AI. Move beyond the fear. How can we utilise these new tools?

Organoid Intelligence (OI)

Finally, Benjamin discussed Organoid Intelligence (OI). These are bio-computers powered by lab-grown brain cells.

OI is faster, uses less energy and could help us understand the human brain more. Meaning it can lead to more treatments for conditions such as alzheimers.

This is a new frontier in bio-computing! But for OI to surpass AI, it will need to scale by 100x.

There is a fascinating journey ahead… but this journey has already started!

Continuing on, the focus will be on three sectors: Education, Health and Food. All this will be under a new platform – ImpactX 2050

Watch the opening keynote below:

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