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ESCP Europe London Campus Celebrates Erasmus Days 2019

10th–12th October 2019 marked the third edition of Erasmus Days across many European higher education institutions. Celebrating the success of the Erasmus+ programme and, in a wider context, international mobility and European citizenship, last year’s Erasmus Days saw 1,435 events organised across 39 countries.

ESCP Europe Business School joined the celebrations by organising a cross-campus event, engaging its students, alumni, professors and staff in sharing their experiences and stories of Erasmus+, and expressing what Europe and European citizenship mean to them.

The School’s London Campus organised a movie night open to all, screening the Erasmus-generation cult French-Spanish movie Pot Luck (L’Auberge Espagnole) and a social media competition to win two Eurostar tickets. To take part, members of ESCP Europe’s community had to share a picture or video on Instagram which expressed what Europe meant to them.

The winners were two Bachelor in Management (BSc) students, Sabrina Porcari and Ella Brockhaus

For the occasion, the School also created a cross-campus interactive map with ESCP Europe student testimonials about their Erasmus+ experience.

Erasmus Days gives the unique opportunity for alumni of the programme to share with the next generation of Erasmus+ beneficiaries, and for many European institutions and associations to share their projects and achievements funded by Erasmus+. The Erasmus Programme was launched in 1987; since then it has provided European students with the opportunity to experience student life in one of 33 countries.

For the Erasmus+ programme, 2019 is a unique year as it marks the 30th anniversary of Jean Monnet Actions (#JeanMonnet30), celebrating academic excellence in European Studies and aiming to build bridges between academics, researchers and EU policymakers. The anniversary also coincides with the Bicentenary of ESCP Europe, celebrating 200 years of forward-thinking business education.

Benjamin Voyer, ESCP Europe’s Professor of Entrepreneurship, is a Jean Monnet Module leader as part of the Erasmus+ Programme for the Bachelor in Management (BSc) first-year module, Introduction to Business. The module is dedicated to promoting excellence in EU studies in higher education around the world, contributing to the field of European integration. Currently half a million students benefit from Jean Monnet Actions every year, which is now present in 87 countries worldwide.

Prof Voyer said: “The Jean Monnet Module / ERASMUS+ action has enabled hundreds of ESCP Europe undergraduate students to better understand how businesses worldwide can thrive in a European context. It also showed students the importance of the current European 2020 priorities in terms, for instance, of sustainability and inclusivity.”

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