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#FutureOfWork: The importance of professional development within the workplace | S2 Ep6

As we wrap up this series of #FutureOfWork live shows, we take a look at the continuing professional development that’s needed within the workplace to support every individual reach their potential, as well as enhance organisational productivity.

Within this episode, we’ll also explore regional devolution, how future skills needs might differ between localities – and what common threads tie these together.

Host Gavin O’Meara is joined by Dan Howard (Director of Learning for Work, NCFE) as we discuss the role of skills development in the workplace in preparing individuals to progress in their careers – whatever the future might hold.

We’re also joined by two special guest speakers, Jane Gratton (Head of People Policy at the British Chambers of Commerce) and Dr Gareth Thomas (Managing Director at Skills and Employment Support) to share their expertise and knowledge on the topic.

Feel free to join the conversation using the #FutureOfWork hashtag or by getting in touch!

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