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Learning, down on the ‘virtual’ Borders College farm


There’s a lot more to planting seeds in a field than you may think! During the current period where classes can’t take place face to face, Rural Skills Lecturer Stuart Nimmo (pictured) is producing some of his lessons on video.

Students on the Agriculture NC programme are learning about one of the course units – Crop Production Equipment – by watching a short video then producing a report to evidence that they understand the whole process.

As part of the learning, the students need to understand how to calibrate a crop sprayer, a grain drill and fertiliser spreader.

Stuart commented:

“My students would typically carry out this kind of learning with me on the farm. However, even with the current restrictions, they can still learn the theory by watching the video.

“I can check they have understood the process fully when they submit their written work and can follow up on any gaps in understanding by email or via video conference.”

Stuart has taught at Borders College for over 20 years and currently teaches 3 days a week and has farmed at Hopton, in the Borders, for 37 years farming crops, cattle and pigs.

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