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SERC Showcases Science for local Schools during NI Science Festival

@S_ERC welcomed pupils from local primary schools to the College to experience a range of topical applications during @NISciFest 

Karen Orme, Deputy Head of School of Applied Science at SERC said, “We were delighted to take part in NI Science Festival which has become an integral part of the science calendar here at SERC. This year, we welcomed local school children into the College to design and build rockets in Infinity and Beyond; learn how to recognise animal facial expressions and body language in Pawsitive Behaviour; get hands on experience in the use of bioindicator index to grade water samples with moderate to severe pollution in What Lurks Beneath?; take on the role of epidemiologists learning how infections spread in Patient Zero and to find out about physiological testing of elite athletes in Are you as fit as an Olympian?

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She added, “Science is part of everyday life, it is all around us, and many of the sessions we showcased at the College are topical applications of science with feature in the news. We have no doubt there were many young participants explaining to their parents about the spread of infectious diseases or the fitness levels required to be an Olympian following their visit to SERC. We hope we inspired young people to get involved, and be amazed at all science has to offer, we’re also glad we got the opportunity to show the pupils the amazing facilities we have at SERC to get their science career started.”  

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Pupils from Bangor Academy and Forthill Primary School got the opportunity to learn about what the field of Sports Science has to offer. Philip McKelvey, Lecturer from the School of Applied Science and Sport said, “The session Are you as fit as an Olympian? gave pupils the chance to learn about some of the physiological testing that is carried out on elite athletes and experience SERC’s top of the range Sports Laboratory equipment to test their own physiological sports data such as Optojump – a counter movement vertical jump – and compare themselves to the elite athletes such as NBA’s greatest basketball players, or how their cycling performance on the Watt bike rates against the world’s greatest cyclists. 

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