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Talking to Tim Bennett-Hart at FAB 2023

Tim Bennett-Hart at FAB 2023

On November 30 and December 1, more than 400 participants gathered in Leicester for FAB’s big yearly conference for experts in giving awards and assessments.

We were lucky to be part of FAB 2023 in Leicester as media partners! During the event, we had the chance to talk with some amazing people, like Tim Bennett-Hart, who is the Chief Executive Officer of RSL Awards.

We asked Tim about:

  • International Opportunities.
  • Q-UK, the UK Qualifications Exports Register launched by the Federation of Awarding bodies.
  • The partners he’s been working with to assist with international trade.
  • What are the potential opportunities in the future for awarding organisations across the globe?
  • His wish for increased access or recognition from the UK system to assist awarding organisations in international trade.

Watch the interview below:

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