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Stress Awareness Month: Top tips to reduce work-related stress

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Some of the major causes of stress are work-related. This includes the workload, bullying at the workplace and the lack of a support system, as well as the denial of simple employee rights, such as regular breaks or sufficient annual leave.

There are, however, a few steps people can take to reduce their own stress levels as well as looking after friends and colleagues.

1. Sharing is Caring

If you feel stressed it is important to share your problems with friends, family or colleagues. Whoever you feel comfortable talking to may even open up about their own experiences, showing that you are not on your own. Or maybe you have developed your own tricks to cope with feeling stressed and can this with someone affected.

2. Look out for others

There are certain symptoms or changes in behaviour that could indicate that someone is struggling with stress. If someone is suddenly often snappy or consumes more alcohol than usual this could be a sign3 and often it can already help a person to show empathy and let them know that they’re understood.

3. Self-Care

Looking after yourself is a big step towards a more relaxed lifestyle. This could start with simply having a soothing cup of herbal tea or pursuing a hobby that may have come too short lately. Creating a healthy routine is also important. Ensure to eat healthily, sleep at least 7 hours per night and exercise.

4. Talk to your manager

Don’t be afraid to ask your manager for help. If you are feeling stressed, then discuss your workload with your manager and tell set realistic targets and solve the issues together. You can also tell your manager to research mental health for employers in order to reduce stress at work in the office. You can suggest mental health training too.

5. Reduce triggers of stress

If you are like most people, your work life may be filled with too many demands and too list demands. You can free up time by practising time-management skills like asking for help when it’s appropriate, setting priorities, pacing yourself, and reserving time to take care of yourself.

A spokesman from The Compensation Experts comments on the research: “The effects stress can have on people is often underrated, especially in a working environment. Stress can cause a variety of mental and physical health problems, that should not be left untreated. A majority of Brits may not be aware that you can actually claim for personal injury if they are suffering from a severe stress-related illness. As specialists in personal injury claims, we can offer expert advice to see if you can take legal action and claim compensation.”

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