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The advantages of becoming a franchisee

As the pandemic forced us to reassess our personal and professional priorities, and with the ongoing great resignation, more individuals are looking at entrepreneurship over the 9-5 job.

Flexible working, family-friendly hours and a tried and tested brand all make becoming a franchisee an attractive career choice. Data from the British Franchise Association (BFA) and NatWest* demonstrates the potential of franchising, as there are now nearly 50,000 franchise businesses collectively contributing more than £17bn and 710,000 jobs to the country’s economy.

Multi-sector award winning HR specialist Breedon Consulting has announced the launch of its franchise packages in the UK and provides insight on the benefits of becoming a franchisee.

Managing director Nicki Robson commented:

“The franchise model bridges the gap between experience and ambition. Franchising allows ambitious, independent-minded people to be their own boss without the risk of setting up from scratch.

“It can be lonely and daunting when founding a business, which makes franchising a fantastic option to consider as you have a network of other franchisees for support as well as expert advice from the franchisor.

“Investing in a franchise requires considerable thought, research and deliberation before diving in.”

1. Freedom and flexibility

With more people than ever now working remotely, changes to our working culture have led many to question how, when and where they’re working. Research shows that three quarters of home and hybrid workers say this way of working has improved their work life balance, according to the Office of National Statistics**.

Nicki said:

“A franchise business allows you to take control of your life, giving you the independence to organise your own work schedule to suit your lifestyle. Flexibility is possible with a franchise opportunity – you’re in control of your own diary.”

2. Built-in brand recognition

Becoming a franchisee means that you can take full advantage of a tried and tested business model with built-in brand recognition.

Nicki said:

“In comparison with start-ups, there is far less risk with franchisees as they have a proven track record and demonstrated demand for their product or service.

“Franchisors will have done much of the legwork through advertising methods, such as marketing and PR with prospective consumers already accustomed with the brand.”

3. Full training and support

When you become a franchisee there is no demand to “reinvent the wheel”. In-house initial training is provided to cover the business model and systems.

Nicki added:

“The venture of becoming a franchisee requires sustaining enthusiasm and efficiency throughout. Hard work and self-motivation are key to the success of your franchising journey.”

Breedon Consulting is a franchising HR consultancy which provides a fully rounded HR service to SMEs. The team are looking to set up a franchise per quarter over the next three years.

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