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Training Provider Hosts Well-being Day for Learners & Staff

Training Provider Hosts Well-being Day for Learners & Staff
  • London Learning Consortium prides itself on being a training provider that cares about the well-being, of both learners and staff. 
  • They hosted a well-being day to practise ways to manage your well-being as well as information sessions on topics such as eye care and sickle cell.

As a part of their mission for Mental Health Awareness Week, London Learning Consortium invited learners and staff to participate in their Well-Being Day 2023. They had a great variety of activities throughout the day for everyone to get involved in. 

They had:

  • Meditation and breathing exercises
  • Yoga 
  • Healthy Eating demonstration and lunch
  • Eye Care/Vision Awareness Information Session
  • Blood pressure/BMI checks
  • Sickle Cell and Thalassemia Information Session

There were some great responses from staff;  “The focus of today really has highlighted just how important it is to look after your well-being. I left each session feeling more educated and also more relaxed.” Lorraine Gillingham, Learner Recruitment Executive. 

Bibiana, Head of Marketing says,

“The meditation session proved invaluable to me as I embraced stillness and centred my focus on the breath, leading work-related stress to dissipate. It cultivated a sense of calm and clarity, creating a harmonious work environment. I recommend daily meditation practice to everyone!”

The sessions were enjoyed by many and there was something for everyone throughout the day. At LLC, they believe that everyone deserves the right to be able to look after their well-being at work or in their place of study. LLC’s sister company LLF also has a Gateway to Well-Being course which is ideal for anyone wanting to better their personal well-being or looking to add it to their portfolio. 

If you are interested in studying with London Learning Consortium, give the Recruitment team an email at [email protected] and they will book you in for a free Information, Advice and Guidance session. 

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