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IRIS Software Group wins Teach Secondary Award for supporting schools during COVID-19

IRIS Software Group (@IRISSoftwareGrp), one of the UK’s largest providers of software solutions to educational organisations, has won the Teach Secondary Award in the ‘School Business’ category for its IRIS Ed:gen product.

The award distinguishes the next-generation software, IRIS Ed:gen, as essential school management technology that enables education professionals to make smarter decisions about pupils, schools and trusts.

This achievement recognises how IRIS Ed:gen has become a fundamental cornerstone for teachers and Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) in delivering blended learning over the last 18 months.

It puts intelligence into teachers’ hands, enabling them to teach in a hybrid environment.

Alex Robbins, Director of IT, Durrington MAT in West Sussex comments,

“Each [IRIS] solution now plays an intrinsic role in the running of our schools. We’ve chosen platforms which, when used alone, make a big difference to processes. Due to the integration offered across the IRIS Education suite, when used together, the solutions become even stronger. From morning registration to locking up at night, IRIS Education software empowers our teams to keep the Trust running smoothly.”

Simon Freeman, MD for Education, IRIS Software Group, says,

“We are honoured to receive this award, especially after the disruption to learning during the pandemic. It demonstrates that a cloud-based MIS is an essential element in the running and delivering of education today. We’re proud that IRIS Ed:gen has enabled teachers and schools to continue to successfully deliver during the pandemic as a result of our cloud-based approach.”

“No modern school or MAT can survive for long without using some sort of MIS to manage the vast amounts of data. MIS software must be the cornerstone of education technology to ensure schools and MATs can effectively support the learning outcomes of students and improve their life chances.”

Designed for state schools and ideal for Trusts, primary and higher education, IRIS Ed:gen gives educators the power of real-time data, artificial intelligence (AI) and the cloud.

These solutions change the way schools operate for the better by allowing for quick decision making, centralised reporting and strategic future planning.

IRIS Ed:gen is a fresh approach to the school management information software (MIS). It is a suite of tools that supports planning and decision making for leaders and managers, designed with decision-making in mind.

It gives leaders and managers a truly holistic, real-time view of the school and/or MAT, drawing in administrative, academic, admissions, finance and wellbeing information.

Are Education Management Information Systems Future-Fit?

Discover how the next generation management information system can help your trust or school.

9 out of 10 schools are expected to do more with less funding. Could technology be the key to better information, better decisions, and better futures?

At IRIS, we’ve been asking the big questions about the state of education. From the problems schools and MATs are facing currently, to what they need from a future-fit management information.

How a next-generation MIS can help

  1. Cloud technology – So data management tasks can be completed anywhere, anytime.
  2. Effective and timely analysis – So an MIS can sit alongside existing systems.
  3. Compatibility with existing systems – So an MIS can sit alongside existing systems.
  4. Intuitive features – To offer ease of communications, revolutionise report writing, and create simple audit trails.
  • Find out why your current MIS isn’t fit for the future.
  • Find out what’s needed for a future-fit MIS, like IRIS Ed:gen.
  • Discover how the right MIS can save your teachers time and your school money.

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