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Leading Decision Intelligence business unveils huge leap forward for enterprise AI at its inaugural AltitudeX conference

@Peak_HQ unveils huge leap forward for enterprise #AI at its inaugural AltitudeX conference 

Decision Intelligence company Peak announced recently at Web Summit that its platform will now be available to businesses to build their own AI-powered Decision Intelligence (DI) solutions for the first time. Peak Co-founder and CEO Richard Potter used the company’s inaugural AI conference, AltitudeX, to elaborate on those plans.

“AI will become fundamental to the future of enterprise, every business will need an intelligence that draws on every piece of data and uses it to help people make decisions in a way we simply couldn’t before. This is Decision Intelligence, it is the commercial application of AI to power decision making.” He told an audience of over 500 industry professionals at Manchester’s Mayfield Depot this morning. “We’re excited to announce that the Peak platform is now available to more businesses to build their own Decision Intelligence solutions for the first time.”

It’s a huge leap forward for the industry. As a centralised platform, Peak provides one environment where technical teams can manage data, model, evaluate, orchestrate and deploy DI solutions. Crucially, the Peak platform also includes an interface in which business users and teams can visualise, share and interact with outputs, allowing those with no coding skills to utilise AI and benefit from DI. This creates huge performance gains from data projects, allowing for easy deployment of models on the platform and more efficient use of data science skills.

It might sound like common sense, but today only around 10% of AI models built by businesses are productionised. By bringing both technical and business teams onto one platform and providing an interface for commercial teams to engage with a model, Peak addresses many of the challenges faced by businesses looking to deploy AI. It ensures models are outcome focused, and speeds up the process end-to-end, increasing time to value.

“A single, unified platform is the only way to realise the full potential of Decision Intelligence and rapidly adopt this new technology. And Peak is that platform,” explained Richard Potter.

“Businesses, regardless of where they are on their AI journey, can use Peak.”

The platform features three main areas based around a Decision Intelligence core. Dock is a data management toolkit in which users can create AI-ready data; integrating, preparing, clearing, dep-duplicating and organising large transactional data sets. It features connectors and data bridges that connect to partners including S3 and Snowflake.

Factory allows for management of full AI workflow and is the area where a centralised intelligence is made. And the third area of the platform, Work, connects commercial leaders with that intelligence. This is where data insight, suggestions and recommendations are visualised and made actionable. 

“These three capabilities, in combination with each other, represent a single platform that can deliver the entire lifecycle of Decision Intelligence,” Richard Potter concluded in his keynote address.

“With Peak, enterprise customers move from siloed data and teams to a single platform powering business-wide decisions, and delivering value across the entire enterprise. We call this end-to-outcome, because with Peak, you don’t just deliver models, you deliver results.”

Founded in 2015, Peak is an early leader in the DI space. Its platform is already used by leading brands including Nike, Pepisco, KFC and ASOS to direct decision-making across a range of use cases. It closed a $75m Series C funding round in August led by SoftBank, which saw investors back its vision of Decision Intelligence and ‘platform-first’ approach. 

Founded in Manchester in 2015 by Richard Potter, David Leitch and Atul Sharma, Peak is on a mission to change the way the world works. Peak’s Decision Intelligence platform provides businesses all over the world with AI-powered solutions that drive commercial outcomes.

Connecting data sets from across an organisation to provide predictive insight and recommended actions, the Peak platform directs fast and effective decision making. It is used by leading brands including Nike, Pepisco, KFC, Sika and PrettyLittleThing. In August 2021, Peak announced a $75m Series C funding round led by SoftBank’s Vision Fund II.

The company has grown significantly over the last three years, and now numbers 200 people globally. This year it received a Best Companies 3-star accreditation, which recognizes extraordinary levels of employee engagement and was ranked by The Sunday Times as one of the Best 100 Companies to Work For in 2020 and 2021.

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