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Universities of Canada in Egypt selects D2L to create new learning experiences for students

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D2L (@D2L), a global learning technology leader, today announced that Universities of Canada in Egypt has selected D2L Brightspace as its learning platform, as it seeks to create a more unified and holistic learning experience for the Universities of Canada (UofCanada) community.

UofCanada in Egypt is an International Branch Campus (IBC), hosting top ranked Canadian Universities. It promotes learning programmes that blend international experiences, tutors, and cultures. UofCanada values innovation and academia, and encourages an entrepreneurial mindset through experiential learning, state-of-the-art facilities, and cutting-edge technology. It is the first International Branch Campus in The New Administrative Capital and hosts University of Prince Edward Island Cairo Campus and Ryerson Cairo Campus.

Before partnering with D2L, UofCanada had a legacy online learning platform in place, but integration was proving to be a challenge. As such, UofCanada sought a more modern platform that could seamlessly work with other systems so that decision-makers could select the right mix of solutions to help support their educators, administrators, and students.

“We needed a robust, flexible and efficient system that could support all stakeholders, and seamless integration is a significant part of that – but our previous solution was deficient in this area,” said Mohamed Fathy, director of information technology, at UofCanada. “Brightspace was refreshing, as it integrates with our Student Information System (SIS), which enables our IT team to bring all the tools required to support learners together in one place. This, coupled with Brightspace’s valuable backend and frontend features, has had an extremely positive impact on the overall learning experience at UofCanada, and will support the growth of our community.”

The advanced features within D2L Brightspace support UofCanada’s goal to create a compelling and efficient learning environment. An example of this is Brightspace Pulse, which introduces students to the next generation of mobile learning. With a visual to show upcoming activities, learners can use this to plan their week, track upcoming assignments, access course content, stay on top of notifications for new discussion posts, be notified of upcoming quizzes, access grades, or view their course activity feed.

“With its focus on delivering pioneering experiences for students and staff alike, we are delighted to partner with Universities of Canada in Egypt as it looks to the next stage of learning delivery,” said Stewart Watts, VP EMEA, D2L. “Simple integration with other systems is something that we pride ourselves on at D2L, as this can significantly expand the technology ecosystem for our customers, save teachers time through more efficient data entry, and enable them to pick exactly the right mix of technology for their needs. This is the way to future-proof any education provider and we look forward to supporting even further growth across the organisation in due course.”


Universities of Canada in Egypt (UofCanada) is a Canadian campus hosting top Canadian Universities with futuristic programmes. It is the first International Branch Campus in The New Administrative Capital. UofCanada promotes an all-round active and diverse student life and encourages an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset through experiential learning, state-of-the-art facilities, and cutting-edge technology.


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