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Edtech startup creates ultimate platform for content and course creation for the real estate industry

#Edtech startup RE-L Network education marketplace opens new revenue stream for real estate professionals and creators

2020 has been the advent of online education and creation with unprecedented growth and venture funding across the globe. Undoubtedly, the pandemic was a powerful accelerator in the switch to online learning and remote working, resulting in new aspirations for students and .

Nowadays, it is more common to meet experts and creators with helpful skills share what they know online. Being an expert in a particular domain is the occasion to start an online business as a side hustle, earn extra revenue but also give back to newcomers.

RE-L Network is the real estate education marketplace that enables experts, creators and academics to design and market their own online content on a dedicated platform, live or off-line.

The marketplace is where professionals from real estate and related industries (construction, architecture, design, photography, finance, law, coaching, marketing/sales…) can teach, train and coach online in any topic of their choice.

Exclusive features for the instruction of tomorrow.

RE-L Network educational marketplace has a full suite of features that allows creators to share content online in various formats (ebooks, audiobooks and videos) and engage with their audience through live sessions and training events. The add-on of live stream courses is one of most anticipated RE-L Network’s feature. This new exclusive feature is the key to making online classes better: Zoom, Teams, Facebook live…educators have now the choice of their favourite chat platform.

Educators can stream live sessions, webinars, workshops, Q&As and training events easily for effective lectures. Assessments, 1-on-1 coaching, group classes, cohort sessions are now fully operational and integrated in RE-L Network platform.

Live classes and trainings events made easy.

Now more than ever, learners are looking for immersive classes and real-time interaction. Live learning has many unrivalled benefits: Live courses are more friendly, convenient and flexible. They are cost-effective and time-saving as they avoid commuting to training facilities. Live classrooms and training events enhance the learning experience, improves assimilation and create a collaborative environment in the classrooms thanks to the contribution of experts with real-life expertise. This major step forward for real estate education will allow experts to focus on learners needs first, answer questions and concerns…

On a mission to connect people with their best self.

From most demanded topics such as Real Estate Finance fundamentals, Marketing basics, Interior Design and House Renovation to Property Technology, the marketplace has the largest variety of subjects available in the industry.

RE-L Network mission is to provide support to businesses and students anytime, anywhere. RE-L Network’s founders firmly believe that learning from the best entrepreneurs and educators is a game changer in a career or at school.

A model benefiting instructors and creators first.

RE-L Network business model puts educators and creators at the centre of its strategy, and will always do. That’s why the company just released a one-of-a-kind free plan to help professionals share anything they know. The newly created all-in-one free plan comes with the exact same features as the paid plans: unlimited courses, students and content hosting, live classrooms, cancel anytime, Stripe dashboard to monitor sales, certificate of achievement for online courses and certificates of attendance for live sessions and much more…To sustain this new offer, the company set up a fair revenue share model with 60% of the sales for the instructor.

The complementary offer includes 2 affordable subscription plans (early bird pricing from $39.99 monthly to $399.99 for the annual plan) giving instructors and trainers the necessary technology infrastructure and digital tools to host, promote and deliver their online courses without the hassle of maintaining a personal website. Not to mention that the paid plans have no transaction fees which is exceptional in the online education landscape.

A modern and friendly user experience.

With its powerful platform and friendly User Interface, RE-L Network improves the training experience for one of the biggest industry in the world. The company objective is to create a more compelling learning experience, help professionals and students be more confident, gain new skills to navigate careers changes and market turmoils. In a fast paced environment, it is a must to keep updated with the latest trends, compliant with evolving regulations, knowledgeable about new technologies… Re-skilling is now a necessary investment as more companies are looking for a skilled workforce able to make the difference with competitors, especially real estate.

Shaping tomorrow’s education today.

With it’s robust business model, RE-L Network helps experts and content creators generate additional income, spread inspiration and build a community around the same values.

RE-L Network: the Real Estate Learning Platform launches worldwide

7th July 2020: The @ReLNetworkLtd is officially launching the world’s dedicated Real Estate and Technology marketplace for learning and teaching online.

Based out of London, RE-L Network mission is to offer the best user experience and engaging content: for everyone, anywhere and anytime. 

Now more than ever, people are turning online to learn, share their passion and upskill. At RE-L Network, we conclude the most exciting and ever-evolving industry in the world deserves a dedicated place where anyone can enjoy learning at its own pace from industry leaders and academic experts.   

Learning is a lifelong process that supports community in everyday life: at school, at home or at work. Education Technology has permanently changed learning as people used to know and live it: the dynamic has totally changed and today, anyone can learn from anywhere and whenever needed.

As real estate is an ever-changing industry, constant learning is a prerequisite. For professionals, students or new comers, going through a dedicated learning platform like RE-L Network is a must. 

Learning has become more immersive and interactive, classrooms are taking place virtually, learners can get in touch with their instructors while based abroad, VR and gamification are adding more fun and interaction to learning too. 

The current technological shift is a great move as learners will benefit from major advances in their learning path. As a main actor of this trend, RE-L Network supports users from all backgrounds and ages with high-quality courses, allowing them to discover, upskill and reskill core competencies.

At RE-L Network, our approach is part of this global digital transformation process. We trust that Education Technology has a key role to play by helping the real estate industry raising knowledge standards that will ultimately benefit to everyone involved.

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